Switch price cut in Europe, but no plans for the US

The standard version of the Nintendo Switch received a price cut in Europe. However, no reduction is expected for the US market.

This week, Nintendo decreased the price of the standard version Switch in Europe on its official website for the first time ever. With the change, the console is now priced at €299.99. In the UK, the handheld currently costs £259.99. It is worth noting that Nintendo does not set the Switch price at retailers, so these pricing changes may not yet be reflected elsewhere. Amazon though, for example, is already reflecting the new reduced price.

Nintendo is not well known for cutting console prices, so Europeans can rejoice.

For comparison, the device previously cost €329.99, so there was a drop of 30 euros. For the United Kingdom, 20 pounds was cut - gamers previously needed to fork out £279.99 to get one Switch.

Although the console is a powerhouse in sales chart even four and a half years after its release, it's been rumored that the price cut was most likely in preparation for the launch of the Switch OLED model on October 8. A Nintendo spokesperson also explained to VGC that there won't be a cut in the American market.

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"We decided that now was the appropriate time to change the European trade price of Nintendo Switch," Nintendo explained. Although this seems like an oversight towards US consumers, the reduction in the European price means that now the Switch is priced at approximately the American rate.

OLED Switch is arriving soon

While a new console on the market is good, the announcement of the OLED in place of the infamous Switch Pro has frustrated some gamers.

Scheduled to launch on October 8, the OLED model will cost €364.99, £309.99 in the UK, and $349.99 in the US. The product features the same hardware as the standard Switch but with an enhanced screen and other one-off improvements. At least, now the original Switch has Bluetooth audio.

Among the new features that the variant OLED promises, one can highlight a network cable input for more stable connections in online gaming, there is an adjustable base with 3 different angles, improved speakers for a better listening experience, and a new 7-inch screen.

The price of the Switch Lite remains the same, demanding an investment of €199.99 and £199.99 for Europeans and $199.99 for Americans.

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