Xfire™ is a leading entertainment outlet covering the latest gaming news as well as movies and TV and wrestling. Xfire also produces in-depth guides for your favorite games and thought provoking feature articles.

Digital entertainment spans massive breadth and with our in-depth coverage of video games, wrestling, TV and film, members of every fandom will find news and scoops here.

Whether you are a PC, console or mobile player, a cinephile or just expanding your collection of streaming subscriptions, Xfire is your one-stop-shop for everything about modern entertainment and media.

We work hard to ensure that you get the most up-to-date information on not just gaming but everything that comes with it, including esports, the latest technology, gaming events, release dates, game reviews, the state of the industry, the newest hardware and more that you might otherwise miss.

We also branch out towards unique analysis of important events in the gaming community, drawing from the unique perspectives of our diverse team, and give popular culture the attention it deserves - it's not like gaming is the only thing gamers do, and increasingly these mediums and platforms are intertwined.

This is an exciting era for pop culture as the nerdy fandoms we grew up with explode to become global blockbuster franchises, and the ubiquity of streaming services has not only changed the way we watch, but placed the breadth of film and TV history at our fingertips.

In a time where the biggest hits come from Netflix and Disney+ instead of cable channels and indie productions are reaching mainstream audience numbers, it can be hard to keep up with all the newest events. We can help in that.

Professional wrestling continues to be as big as it has ever been. The action and drama, the athleticism and the spectacle, and the colorful wrestling superstars span generations and media platforms.

As a major part of pop culture, we are giving pro wrestling the coverage it deserves. Aside from WWE, we also highlight other major wrestling promotions across the globe.

  • Our coverage: at Xfire, we strike the iron while it's still hot. Our news team is always on the lookout for the latest happenings in the world of gaming, movies, TV and wrestling, straight from the source. We strive to be quick and unique, allowing our viewers to read it first on Xfire.
  • Our guides: our guides are researched, tested and written entirely in-house, and are meticulously edited to ensure that we convey the full breadth of information players need to achieve what they want, without wasting time with filler.
  • Our analysis: the world of games, movies and wrestling can often be controversial or simply interesting and thrilling, inviting more conversation than just reporting the news. Our features and op-eds cut deep, and we don't shy away from the messy subjects.

Whether its games, movies, shows, wrestling or pop culture in general, Xfire is covering it, analysing it and critiquing it.

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