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Our name may be familiar to some of you who have been gaming for a while - Xfire was a messaging application designed with gamers in mind, launched way back in 2003. It was the instant messaging app to use for PC gamers in the early 00's with steadily expanded functionality that made it extremely popular. Xfire peaked at 21 million users spread across over 100 countries, but after being bought and sold by large corporations with no plans regarding what to do with the service several times, development stagnated and people moved on. The once beloved service was eventually shut down in 2016, with many other services continuing to bear the torch.

Now, Xfire is reborn like a phoenix rising from the ashes. Under new management unrelated to the original creators of the messaging service, Xfire isn't trying to race the same competitors that outperformed it years ago - these being Discord and Twitch, most prominently. Instead, we've changed gears, but our finger is still firmly planted on the pulse of the video game world. You won't be using Xfire to chat with your guild-mates anymore, but we will be posting all the deep scoops and breaking news as it happens.

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