Zombies Teased In Call Of Duty: Warzone

A few pointed hints at a Zombies mode have been discovered in Call of Duty: Warzone, leading players to expect an undead game mode to be added to the leading battle royale title.


The free to play standalone Call of Duty game has seen a limited-time Zombies mode before, back in the Modern Warfare days, but this would be the first time the reanimated dead would infect the drop zone since the launch of Black Ops: Cold War.

First, a user on Twitter posted an image of a Trial Machine from the Zombies game modes appearing in a Verdansk Hospital, complete with a contextual button prompt reading "ZAI/ACTIVATE_ZOMBIES". This does not, unlike the text leads you to assume, activate the zombies - but it might later on! The fact that an asset was straight up lifted from the official Zombies mode and plonked into an official multiplayer map is about as much of a tease as we need, but there's more.

In a particular room, in a particular house on Rebirth Island, players have experienced and documented a strange phenomenon. This included brief screen distortions and brief snippets of Russian dialogue. It didn't take long for the super sleuths in the fandom to listen to and translated the full audio. Video of the distortions has been posted on Reddit, alongside a translation of the dialogue:

Playing warzone went in the office next to headquarters 2nd floor and this weird pop up plays and Russian voices start playing.WHAT IS THIS! from Warzone

-Dispatch, this is Russian ship "Vodyanoy" channel 1-2, over.

"-This is dispatch, requesting shipping permit to Verdansk, over.

"-Dispatch, cargo secured, all systems are fine. Get ready to go. Over."

Players have already spotted a large ship off the shore of Rebirth Island named Vodyanoy, which is known to smuggle Nova 6 in the game's storyline. Nova 6 also appears in the current soft-reboot of the Zombies storyline, which lends further credence to the assumption that a Zombies mode is being teased. Most fans assume we'll see Zombies invade Call of Duty: Warzone in Season 2, but we'll have to wait and see.

Aron Gerencser
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