Zenyatta main proves that positivity wins in Overwatch 2

As one user said, "My mans didnt just pick Zenyatta, he fully embodied his philosophies and became Zenyatta."

Bringing multiple random individuals together and forcing them to play nice rarely goes well. Video game developers are in a constant struggle to implement protective measures. The players have learned to protect themselves from negativity and hateful speech as well. But, despite everyone's best efforts, all it takes is for one toxic player to sour a lobby.

In Overwatch 2 lore, Zenyatta is an "omnic monk who wanders the world in search of spiritual enlightenment."

Still, if one player can have such a negative impact, isn't the inverse also true? An Overwatch 2 player proved this is true.

A video shared by u/Wade35 is a good example of how positivity can combat toxicity in video games like Overwatch 2.

The uploader, who played Zenyatta, was matched with an Ashe who couldn't stop flaming their team for playing awful. The Ashe berated teammates following the first round, to which the uploader replied that they're "doing an amazing job." But, this didn't stop the Ashe from their explicit-filled tirade and this is where things get interesting.

At the start of the second round, the Zenyatta asked their teammate if they needed someone to talk to and assured them they were there for them. The Ashe then opened up and admitted they were "a little depressed" and things are just getting a bit "too much".

Mid-way through the video, u/Wade35 channeled his inner Zenyatta and shared some encouraging words, telling the Ashe that getting the W will make them happy.

Support players have to be especially positive in Overwatch 2 as they are the backbone of their team.

The best part is the happy ending. Throughout the round, the Zenyatta kept things light and positive. This helped the team secure the initial team fight and eventually the "dub". Their words near the end of the round were particularly memorable, saying, "We need positivity up in this b****, it's a negative world right now."

As a bonus, the Zenyatta was the Player of the Game as well. Talk about living the common adage, "Positive always wins!"

Turning a Toxic player Positive from Overwatch

Ironically, Zenyatta is a Buddhist-inspired healer who exudes peace and harmony in a violent world. This led one Redditor to describe them as a "Lore accurate Zen Main" although some argued that not all Zenyatta players are like that, with one player admitting they got banned for communications abuse.

Blizzard Entertainment is starting to talk more about upcoming Overwatch 2 heroes and some fans believe they've figured out the identity of one of them.

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