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ZeniMax Online Studios hard at work on new Xbox IP

It's believed that more than 200 developers are involved in the project from the makers of The Elder Scrolls Online.

Zenimax Online Studios New Xbox Ip
ZeniMax Online Studios has been supporting The Elder Scrolls Online with a steady stream of new content for the better part of the past decade.

ZeniMax Online Studios, the ZeniMax Media subsidiary specializing in MMOs, confirmed it's working on a new game.

The studio's creative director, Ben Jones, recently joined the Product Builders Podcast where he talked about its latest project. Apparently, this new and unannounced IP has been in development for nearly five years (four and a half years, to be exact). Jones reveals that this is a large-scale project composed of a main team of 50 people, with roughly around 200 collaborating as well.

Before you say this is a different iteration of the now-canceled mobile game, Commander Keen, you might want to check Jones' LinkedIn page. It's clearly stated in a post on LinkedIn that Ben's team is working on a AAA game.

The only question now is, what is Jones' team working on right now?

A common theory is Zenimax is developing an MMORPG set in the Starfield universe. This would imply that Zenimax has bigger plans for Bethesda Softworks' first new IP in decades. More importantly, an MMORPG would give Bethesda time to work on some of the studio's other more iconic IPs like The Elder Scrolls 6 and Fallout 5. Unfortunately, all we can do for now is to speculate about what this "very large-scape project" will be.

The only thing guaranteed here is that this new IP by Zenimax Online Studios will likely be exclusive to the Xbox Series S, X, and PC.

Zenimax Online Studios New Xbox Ip
A Starfield MMO would be quite interesting to see.

Speaking of the Xbox, Microsoft just released a new Xbox Series S bundle. You can also buy the Xbox Series S for its lowest price yet throughout the holiday season.

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