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YouTube just removed the dislike counter on all videos

Feel free to say goodbye to all of those videos that list all the "Most Disliked Videos" ever.

The video streaming platform is making dislike viewer counts private going forward.
The video streaming platform is making dislike viewer counts private going forward.

Newton's third law states that "for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction." This is why YouTube has a dislike button and counter that acts opposite to the like button and counter. However, it appears that YouTube is going to take away the public dislike count. This means that viewers will no longer see how many people have disliked a video on the popular video-sharing platform.

YouTube wants to put a stop to "dislike attack" campaigns

Youtube Just Removed The Dislike Counter On All Videos
The dislike counter is just one of the many features that YouTube has introduced in recent years only to end up removing it due to misuse and abuse.

The internet is a magical place where anything and everything can happen. Unfortunately, the internet is just as much a home to negativity as it is to positivity. We've seen numerous cases wherein the internet has banded together to accomplish something that's not good for everyone else. A good example of this is a "dislike attack" campaign where several hundred if not thousands or millions of people go ahead and give a video a "thumbs down" in an attempt to send a message.

While disliking videos to show discontent and take a stand can be a noble cause, this feature has been used by far too many on YouTube for no good. Because of this, YouTube has decided to remove the feature entirely.

Don't worry. The dislike button isn't going anywhere. Viewers can still dislike videos that they don't, well, like. However, this is all done in private now and only to help YouTube's algorithms know what kind of videos to recommend to you. At the same time, creators can still track how many people disliked their videos, but it will be a private metric going forward.

Ironically, YouTube has earned itself the dubious distinction of possessing the most disliked YouTube video over. The 2018 YouTube Rewind video is the platform's trend recap video for that particular year. Naturally, it amassed 221 million views. Unfortunately, it also has 19 million dislikes and counting. Speaking of dislikes, Nintendo's recent Switch Online Expansion Pack trailer is the company's most disliked YouTube video ever and it's not even close.

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