Yellowstone spin-off 1923 is getting upgraded to a 2 season show

Originally intended as a mini series, the Helen Mirren and Harrison Ford-led spin-off is getting quite the expansion.

Yellowstone fans are eating good nowadays, and much of that is thanks to showrunner Taylor Sheridan and his vision for what has become a franchise, not just one series. The latest bit of good news is that the spin-off and prequel 1923 will be getting two full seasons.

This marks a notable increase in breadth, as 1923 was envisioned as a mini series much like the previous prequel spin-off, 1883 which showed fans how the Dutton family comes to own the land around which Yellowstone's plot revolves.

Many fans expected 1923 to run for 10 one hour long episodes like the other spin-off, but now it has been revealed that the show starring Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren will instead run for two seasons. This new format will see each season running for 8 episodes, presumably also one hour long each.

The second season reportedly already received the green light, allowing fans to see more of the family's struggles during the prohibition era and the Great Depression. This era was also known for westward expansion, which will also play a major role in the series' plot.

1923, initially named 1932 after the year it was supposed to take place in (this too has now been updated to match the new title) is expected to debut on Paramount+ this December. Alongside Mirren and Ford, the show will star Sebastian Roché, Darren Mann, Robert Patrick, Jerome Flynn, and Timothy Dalton.

The iconic symbol adorns a building on the ranch, which will have been established by the time of the 1923 plot.

The world of Yellowstone is set to expand even further, with the previous spin-off show 1883 getting its own spin-off(-off?) with The Bass Reeves Story, and Paramount is exploring ways to continue that timeline with additional episodes.

Further expanding the franchise will be 6666, another show which disappointingly isn't set in the distant future of the same year. Instead, it will be a modern-day series set in Texas on another ranch, taking the story far away from Montana for the first time.

The main series, Yellowstone, is also getting its fifth season this November. Sheridan has made sure that fans have plenty of content to keep them engrossed in the world he's meticulously created over the past few years, with much more on the way.

1923 debuts on Paramount+ in December, 2022.

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