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Below is our recommended XM4 loadout for Warzone. Other weapon loadout guides can be found here.

The XM4 Cold War weapon can be compared to the M4A1 in terms of how versatile this weapon can be. You can tailor the XM4 to match your playstyle. Whether it's for CQCs or medium to long-range, the XM4 can do it all. Of course, it depends on how well you can use it as well.

The XM4 wasn't too good when it was released for Warzone, after the Warzone-Cold War integration. However, the weapon has recently been buffed (as of March 2021), and has become viable to be used in Warzone as either a complementary weapon to one of your sniper builds or a good ranged assault rifle to be used as a primary option.

In this loadout guide, we have focused on creating what we think is one of the best XM4 loadouts for Warzone. This XM4 works really well in medium to long-range engagements, has decent recoil, and is easy to control.

The recoil is a bit difficult to control when shooting at extremely long ranges (100+ meters), but other than that, the weapon is great.

You must level up your XM4 to at least level 46. Feel free to check out our full guide on how to upgrade your weapon, battle pass tier, and player fast. You can also check out our guide on all the attachments for every Cold War weapon in Warzone, along with their unlock level requirements.

You may also check out our Black Ops Cold War multiplayer loadout guide for the XM4 here.

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For the Muzzle attachment, you must go with the Agency Suppressor. The Agency Suppressor is one of the best attachments for any Cold War weapon in Warzone. It is the Monolithic Suppressor of Cold War weapons.

The Agency Suppressor has a range of benefits on top of sound suppression, such as better vertical recoil control, increased bullet velocity, and increased effective damage range. This essentially makes this weapon viable for long-range gunfights.

The Agency Suppressor unlocks at level 46.


As always, considering we are playing in Warzone, you must select the longest available Barrel. There are two options - 13.7" Extended and 13.7" Takedown. We recommend going with the 13.7" Extended as it gives the maximum bullet velocity and better mobility.

If you go with the Takedown barrel, it really slows you down, which makes it difficult to use against players using the MAC-10 and FFARs unless they are at a safe distance because these two weapons are currently dominating Warzone.

The 13.7" Extended barrel unlocks at level 30.


You must select the Field Agent Grip as your Underbarrel attachment as it gives you better horizontal and vertical recoil control. The XM4 is a bit difficult to control when shooting at the range, but the Field Agent Grip helps minimize the vertical recoil and ensures the weapon is easy to use.

The Field Agent Grip unlocks at level 41.


As always, you must select the 60 round mags if you're playing duos or trios. If you're playing solo, even 45 rounds will suffice. But, we recommend going with the STANAG 60 Rnd mags.

Do not select the STANAG 60 Rnd Fast Mags as, ironically, the fast mags actually slow you down. Your ADS speed also decreases considerably. It is best to go with the regular STANAG 60 Rnd mags instead.

The STANAG 60 Rnd mag unlocks at level 34.


For the Optic attachment, we recommend selecting the Visiontech 2x optic. This is one of the cleanest sights you can get for your XM4. You may change the reticle to your personal liking and get even better sight, but even the default reticle works really well.

After using this optic sight, we compared this to the VLK 3.0x optic for Modern Warfare weapons because it felt like the Visiontech 2x gave better recoil control at medium-range gunfights. Try it for yourself, and you will be amazed.

The Visiontech 2x optic attachment unlocks at level 7.

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