Xbox users can download Hogwarts Legacy right now

The Hogwarts Legacy subreddit was flooded with users claiming the 77 GB preload file available on Xbox Series S and X is the real deal.

Xbox users who love to indulge in late-night gaming sessions were pleasantly surprised at midnight when they saw that Hogwarts Legacy was available for download. Despite it being two weeks removed from the official release date, those that preordered the game already now have the option to download it whenever possible.

hogwarts egacy preload
The biggest gaming release of early 2023 is inching closer

But, don’t get too excited though. This update is only available to users on the latest generation consoles, namely the Xbox Series S and X. PC players don’t have this option available, and older Xbox consoles can only dream of this, considering the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions are scheduled for release on April 4, 2023.

If you're planning to game on the move on the Nintendo Switch, July 25 is the earliest you could get your hands on Hogwarts Legacy.

Unless you're one of those dedicated fans that purchased the digital deluxe edition of Hogwarts Legacy, which gives you early access on February 7, everyone on current generation consoles can play it on February 10, the confirmed release date. Those that did receive the update better clear up some storage space too, because it's a chunky one.

Hello all, not sure if anyone has posted or talked about this yet already but it appears. Hogwarts Legacy already available for preload on Xbox Series consoles. from HarryPotterGame

A Reddit user shared with the community that the Xbox Series S version of the Hogwarts Legacy preload clocks in at 50 GB. Another one that owns the Xbox Series X console, revealed that the base game’s file size is around 58 GB. Downloading the High Definition Texture Pack rounds the file size out to an astonishing 77 GB of disk space on the flagship console.

If you own a PlayStation 5 though, you will have to wait a bit longer. Preloads for PS5 games usually are available a week before the official release. If Avalanche Software holds up to its word this time and doesn’t delay the game again, PS5 users across the world should be able to download it on February 4.

Unfortunately, delays and surprise early preloads are the least of the developer's worries, with unrest brewing around one of the most anticipated releases of the year.

One of the most popular gaming forums in ResetEra has banned all posts and conversations about Hogwarts Legacy. Even if J.K. Rowling, the British author behind the Wizarding World franchise, remains a very controversial figure, the upcoming open-world RPG is still topping sales charts on Steam. With details like game length, performance modes, and PC system requirements being announced, fans are wishing that time-turners are real.

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