Xbox Series X/S sales soar in the UK following the launch of Starfield

Microsoft's acquisition of Bethesda has proven beneficial, bolstering the Xbox lineup with flagship titles like Starfield.


The Xbox Series S and X consoles are back in the limelight, and this time, it has nothing to do with the absurd console wars. This time, it's about a game, a studio, and some strategic decisions that seem to be paying off - Starfield isn't just helping Bethesda rocket upwards.

Bethesda's latest RPG, Starfield, took to the skies this month, and while the game itself is a marvel, what's even more intriguing is the impact it's had on Xbox Series X/S sales in the UK. According to data from GfK as reported by, the week ending September 2 saw an incredible 76% jump in Xbox Series X/S sales.

While a lot of credit goes to Starfield, the recent release of the Xbox Series S 1TB edition also played a part in this sales surge. This new version, priced slightly higher than the standard Series S model, accounted for 24% of all Xbox sales during its launch week. This certainly proves that gamers are willing to shell out a bit more for that extra storage when developers deliver on their promises.

Microsoft's acquisition of Bethesda seems to have been a masterstroke. Not only has it given Xbox a flagship title in Starfield, but it's also set the stage for future exclusives that can rival Sony's revered PlayStation exclusives.

Interestingly, Microsoft doesn't seem too keen on bundling Starfield with the Xbox Series X or S consoles, which, giving thought to it, makes financial sense. By keeping the Bethesda title and the console separate, Microsoft stands to gain more when players either buy the game or opt to get a Game Pass subscription.

Microsoft knows all too well that Game Pass is worth more than its weight in gold for Xbox. With a vast array of titles available at a monthly fee, players are more likely to stay subscribed, especially if they get hooked on a game like Starfield, and with the game being a day-one release, it's clear that Microsoft was banking on this strategy.

Looking ahead, things seem even brighter for Xbox. As we anticipate the release of Forza Motorsport next month, we can expect the Xbox Series X and S console sales to soar even higher, lined with fan speculation about where else the hardware may go in the future.

Microsoft has recently launched a Xbox Series S 1TB edition.

Though the year started slow for Xbox sales, recent developments seem to have turned the tide. With well-planned game launches, shrewd acquisitions, and a keen grasp of player behaviors, Microsoft appears to be finding success on all fronts this year.

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