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Xbox Series X Restock Status Report

While the stock situation for Microsoft's new console, the Xbox Series X, isn't as dire as it is for the PlayStation 5 it may still be tough to find the system at retail. Over two months have passed since launch and the holiday season is behind us as well, making more frequent restocks possible.

The surefire way to get an Xbox Series X or S is the Microsoft Store, wherever you are in the world. The most reliable place for finding the systems in stock, going straight to the source has other perks as well.

You probably won't get your order cancelled and you don't need to worry about extra charges. The Microsoft Store has been known to ship orders a little slow, but that's a fair price in exchange for knowing you'll get your console.

It has been a while since November, but demand still outstrips supply

Walmart has been a reliable source for Xbox Series X and S consoles for US customers, getting multiple restocks since the November launch. This is counterbalanced by Walmart also being most people's first choice, so restocks are bound to dry up quick.

Target is another good bet, with a consistent record of being resupplied with the systems. You should keep an eye on the product listings for the Series X and Series S to be quick on the draw when they're in stock.

Despite being a leading tech retailer, Best Buy isn't the place to look for the next-generation Xbox consoles. It has been a while since the last restock. On the flipside, GameStop is an ideal choice. We'd expect as much from a dedicated video game store, but they haven't been fairing as well with Sony's new machine.

A rare sight

Online sources like Amazon and Newegg can be a fallback option, but whenever either get a wave of new stock, the automated bots get to them first. We definitely urge against spending extra on scalped consoles, since you'll be paying more while encouraging this behavior.



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