Xbox Series X dashboard to get 4K resolution upgrade

After 9 months, Xbox Series X owners can look forward to a 4K resolution dashboard for their 4K console.

Oddly enough, the dashboard of Microsoft's Xbox Series X is not 4K, this is despite being a console released with a focus on actual gaming in 4K resolution.

The new dashboard aims to improve user's readability and UI fanciness.

The dashboards of the Xbox Series X and S and all their accompanying UI elements have been rendering at 1080p resolution since the consoles' launch.

Now, finally, after continuous complaints from the Xbox gaming community, Microsoft has announced that a new 4K resolution dashboard interface for the Xbox Series X is in testing.

Microsoft's Xbox testing team states what 4K brings to the table:

This change means Home, Guide, and other areas of the UI will be displayed in a higher native resolution for increased sharpness and text readability.

It is important to note that the improved resolution will apparently not demand more resources from the console.

Readability was one of the most common issues that players encountered on the 1080p dashboard. The arrival of the 4K dashboard should significantly improve the readability and sharpness of text on 4K monitors and this is where most 4K users have reported that fonts are teeny-tiny.

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Xbox Insider members who are on the Alpha and Alpha Skip-Ahead levels can already access the new update that brings the improved interface, which will enhance all the elements that appear on screen, improving the experience for users of 4K TVs and monitors and even the rare owners of 8K screens.

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Unfortunately this update won't bring HDR to the dashboard. Also, no plans for the Xbox Series S have been revealed yet either, the update is only applicable for the Xbox Series X. Despite the Xbox Series S being a 1080p/1440p focused device, it is capable of playing 4K.

Xbox Series S may or may not get the improved 4k resolution dashboard. Hope for the best but prepare for the worst.

This news comes shortly after Microsoft made a new Night Mode available for console testers, allowing users to dim the LEDs found on the console and controls, as well as make further system customizations to make players' lives easier.

While I understand the appeal of 4K resolution, as a PS5 owner, I envy the customization capabilities of the Xbox dashboard. Especially the creation of groups.

Despite all this good news, there is no information on when the 4K dashboard will reach all Xbox Series X users, but Xfire will update you when that happens!

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