Xbox Series S and X gets two new storage expansion card options

Microsoft just released 512GB and 2TB expansion cards for the Xbox Series S and X consoles.

It's no secret that the Xbox Series S and X need more storage. At just 1TB (512GB for the Xbox Series S), the Xbox Series X only has space for a handful of games before gamers are forced to uninstall certain titles to make way for new ones. Thankfully, Microsoft kept this in mind when designing their latest console. Each one comes with expandable storage card slots that work with compatible third-party storage devices.

Xbox Series S/X owners finally have multiple choices when it comes to adding more storage.

Initially, Microsoft only released a 1TB expansion card from Seagate that can match the internal SSD speed of the console and provide extra storage for games. Now, there are two more, making for a total of three expansion cards available for the Xbox Series S and X.

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Microsoft introduces new Seagate storage expansion cards

The 512GB expansion card is especially good news for Xbox Series S owners.

One of the biggest reasons to buy the Xbox Series X over its competition is that it had a 1TB expansion card available. Now, owners have more options available to them. There's the smaller 512GB card priced at $139.99 and a larger 2TB card that's available for $399.99. The latter doesn't come cheap, but its pricing is far more attractive when compared to the 1TB expansion card that was sold for $219.99.

Unfortunately, the solution is still far from perfect. Even if the new storage expansion cards let Xbox owners enjoy more storage space, the technology is proprietary. Not to mention, they're all made by the same manufacturer. The 2TB expansion card for the Xbox Series S/X might not be the most expensive SSD on the market, but it's not the cheapest either.

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On the other hand, PS5 owners, as we've mentioned in our PS5 storage guide, have the luxury of buying more affordable 2TB Gen 4 SSDs for $300 or less.

If it's any consolation, Microsoft has promised to open up its storage expansion cards to other manufacturers in the future. This will lead to more competition and eventually, better pricing. For now, the options for Xbox Series S/X owners, though welcome, are far too limited.

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