Xbox to release a new controller to rival the DualSense in May 2024

Microsoft's mid-generation "Sebile" controller has been inadvertently revealed by the FTC through leaked court documents.

Many consider the DualSense as the best gaming controller on the market today.

Microsoft is reportedly on the verge of introducing a mid-generation upgrade to its Xbox Series X gaming console and it's bringing a new innovative controller with it, if the information from a leaked document is to be believed.

Stemming from an FTC v. Microsoft court case, this accidental reveal provides a sneak peek into the company's strategy for over a year ahead.

The rumored disc-less Xbox Series X, bearing the code name '"Brooklin," showcases a unique cylindrical design, hinting at an evolution from the current rectangular form. Alongside Brooklin, an update to the Xbox Series S, codenamed the "Ellewood," is also anticipated. However, what seems to be stealing the spotlight is the new controller, codenamed "Sebile".

For years, it's believed Microsoft had the upper hand over Sony. But, thanks to the DualSense, which has since received additional support on other platforms like Steam, the public opinion has changed.

With the DualSense controllers and its groundbreaking features threatening to leave the Xbox controller in the dust, it appears that Microsoft is responding in kind.

The still-unconfirmed Sebile controller is a rival to the DualSense, complete with precision haptic feedback using voice coil actuators that also function as speakers. It incorporates an accelerometer, adding a "lift to wake" feature designed to allow gamers to control gameplay simply by moving the controller, a feature that promises a more immersive experience.

Microsoft is probably in a state of panic right now as details of the Xbox controller have prematurely leaked online.

Additional notable elements of Sebile include modular thumbsticks, which could possibly offer customization in terms of feel and control. The controller aims to be eco-friendlier with its recycled materials, swappable rechargeable battery, and enhanced reparability. Quieter buttons and thumbsticks will provide a more seamless and quiet gaming experience. Moreover, Microsoft seems to be continuing its tradition of releasing special and limited edition color variations, and this controller will also join the Xbox Design Lab service, offering gamers the chance to customize their controllers' aesthetics.

A significant point of interest is that despite the myriad of advanced features, Sebile maintains a familiar form factor, at the very least, it's reminiscent of the current Xbox controllers. However, tweaks in material choices for the bottom half, possibly to help improve grip, signal a focus on ergonomics.

These revelations do come with a touch of controversy. Previously, Xbox chief, Spencer, had downplayed the notion of a mid-cycle Series X upgrade. Yet, with Brooklin mirroring the core specs of the standard Series X, it seems the commitment remains unchanged.

The pricing of the Sebile will be crucial to its success (or failure).

Pricing for the new Sebile controller is speculated to be around $69.99, a modest and presumably necessary increase to the current Xbox Wireless Controller, justified by its advanced capabilities. The timeline suggests an announcement by early next year, with a release around late May of 2024. The new Xbox Series X and Series S are expected to follow suit, with the Sebile bundled with them.

It remains to be seen if the new Sebile controller can keep up with the DualSense. The enhancements and its innovative features, on paper, are commendable, but it has its flaws. From the looks of it, the two-tone design and the use of rubber are red flags. The latter, in particular, might wear off with extended use. 

Now that the leaked documents have shed light on Microsoft's upcoming projects, we'll have to wait and see when their official reveal will happen. 

Microsoft is expected to release the Sebile by May 2024.

Something tells us that Microsoft will address them with an official acknowledgment at the Tokyo Game Show on September 21, with an announcement happening as early as The Game Awards in December

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