Discover Xbox gamertags of your Discord friends with the May update

Bid farewell to the days of unusual battery drain issues for Xbox rechargeable batteries with the latest update.

Microsoft has just rolled out the May Xbox system update, introducing four noteworthy changes that are certain to delight Xbox players.

In the latest update, an impressive improvement has been introduced to Discord integration. Players now have the ability to effortlessly view the Xbox gamertags of their Discord friends, a feature that greatly streamlines the process of adding each other as Xbox friends and exchanging game invites.

Moreover, the introduction of the new sorting and filtering options on both and Xbox consoles helps simplify the process of discovering the ideal games for you. These enhanced features enable you to easily narrow down your search based on factors such as price, subscriptions, supported languages, and accessibility features.

Discord voice chat arrived on Xbox last year.

A change that will undoubtedly please all Xbox players is the firmware update, addressing bug fixes related to unexpected slow battery drain in controllers with internal batteries, such as Xbox Elite Series 2, Xbox Adaptive controllers, or the Xbox rechargeable battery. Additionally, this update resolves the issue of controllers disconnecting during gameplay when using headphones with 4K, 120Hz, and VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) enabled.

In an exciting addition to the list of improvements, the Xbox Game Pass Quests have now been moved to the new Rewards tab, providing players with a more simplified experience tracking their quest progress. However, since this is a newly introduced feature, it will initially be available only to a randomly selected group of Xbox players.

Last month's update saw Xbox introduce a new feature allowing users to adjust the active hours power setting for their consoles.

Despite Xbox's head of gaming, Phil Spencer, openly acknowledging the Xbox One's defeat at the hands of the PlayStation 4, the Microsoft gaming brand remains resolute and determined. Far from conceding, Spencer firmly believes that instead of directly competing with Sony and Nintendo, Xbox should venture into other markets to further expand its reach and impact.

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