Xbox marketing head claims that there are still more unannounced Xbox games ahead

Apparently, Starfield, Fable, and Redfall, are just the beginning for the Xbox Series S/X.

Believe it or not, the Xbox has more exclusives on the way compared to the PlayStation. The bad news is that the majority of them are still in the early stages of development. Even so, the future is bright for Xbox Series S/X owners.

All eyes might still be on The Elder Scrolls VI, but it's nice to know that Microsoft has other exclusives on the docket.

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If you're excited to see Redfall, Starfield, and The Elder Scrolls VI hit the Xbox Series S/X, Aaron Greenberg has some exciting news for you.

In a response to a graphic of upcoming Xbox first-party games shared by Klobrille, the GM of Xbox Games Marketing at Microsoft confirmed that "there is a lot more in the works that's not on [the list]."

If you can recall, Microsoft held a massive Xbox and Bethesda games showcase last month. The company revealed a humongous slate of games that are all coming to the Xbox Series S/X in the next 12 months. Even if they aren't all exclusive to the Xbox, Greenberg's response is hype-inducing, to say the least.

Here's a short list of all the confirmed titles coming to the Xbox within the next few years:

We're curious to see how Redfall will do since the initial reception to its gameplay details haven't been positive.

Ultimately, we are not surprised that Microsoft is sitting on a laundry list of secret projects. We need to remember that Microsoft just acquired Activision Blizzard. Once the $70 billion acquisition closes next year, Microsoft will have access to more IPs than it could know what to do with.

It wouldn't take much for Microsoft to put its conglomerate of studios to work on even just a fraction of the properties that it now owns on top of new ones. If that happens, the Xbox will be sitting pretty on exclusives for the next decade. Of course, quantity does not necessarily equal quality. The verdict is still out if Microsoft can give Sony a solid run for its money when it comes to console-selling exclusives.

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