Xbox Has Unannounced Games To Launch In 2021

Xbox owners can look forward to surprises throughout 2021, as Microsoft has revealed that it has projects yet to be announced for its platforms coming later this year.

Xbox announced earlier this year the release of major games, but promises more exclusive games in 2021.

“Not all games that are releasing this year have been announced”, revealed Jason Ronald, director of project management for Xbox, in an interview with the Iron Lords podcast team on YouTube.

In addition to this revelation, the executive also said that he is very excited for the next games that will be available for Xbox throughout this year, but without giving a clearer clue of what is on the way. Further announcements should probably appear at an online event.

You can check out Jason interview in full below, and his reveal was past the 2:01:30 timestamp:

Although Ronald did not refer specifically to games from Xbox Games Studios, the question remains as to whether he is referring to games from Microsoft's in-house studios or games from studios such as Bethesda, which was recently integrated into the group - or games from third-party publishers of which he has some advance knowledge.

The Xbox family consoles will get some big games this year, such as Halo Infinite and Psychonauts 2, as well as other titles already announced by Microsoft, by third parties, and some by leaks, such as Tomb Raider Trilogy Remaster.

The executive's comment is noteworthy because it runs counter to a recent statement by Xbox division marketing chief Aaron Greenberg, who said there would be "nothing coming soon that would feature game announcements".

But, to further mess with Xbox owners' anxiety, Ronald's statement goes in the same direction as Windows Central journalist Jez Corden. “I know of at least two games, big games, that aren’t on that list that are coming from Xbox in 2021”, Corden said back in January of this year during a podcast. The list he mentions is a blog post from Xbox Wire earlier this year.

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This is great news for fans who have been hard on Microsoft for not focusing as much on exclusives. Bets are high on Forza Horizon 5, but with the recent acquisition of Bethesda, the scenario and predictions change drastically, with some waiting for a new Wolfenstein game.

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