Xbox is getting Discord voice chat soon

PC gaming's best chat app is headed to the Xbox first despite Sony's massive investment in the company.

Sony and Discord announced their partnership over a year ago, but, for some reason, Xbox Insiders are getting first dibs on voice chat integration on consoles.

Xbox Getting Discord Voice Chat
It's probably only a matter of time before Discord's voice chat will become available to all consoles.

Discord confirmed in a blog post that the PC's most popular video game messaging app is coming to the Xbox Series S/X and Xbox One first, specifically, for Insiders.

This integration will let select players link their Discord and Microsoft accounts, making it possible to access your Discord friends list on Xbox. However, Microsoft confirmed that this is not a replacement for the current party chat system. Instead, the addition of Discord will serve as an alternative that will come in handy when playing crossplay-supported games with your friends.

The integration is far from perfect. Most likely, Discord worked with Xbox because of the Xbox Insider Programme. This "trial period" will give Discord a chance to work out the kinks before rolling the feature out for all Xbox users. Hopefully, a jump to PlayStation consoles is coming next.

Xbox Getting Discord Voice Chat
You could argue that the popularity of Fortnite is the reason why companies like Sony are becoming more open to cross-platform games.

Regardless of when Discord is coming to the PlayStation, the chat app's arrival on consoles is a big deal.

It wasn't too long ago when cross-platform support wasn't a thing yet. Thanks to the popularity of Fortnite and Call of Duty: Warzone, among others, this is no longer the case. These days, most popular multiplayer titles will let players from different platforms get together and play with or against each other at launch. Unfortunately, the majority of multiplayer games don't have a dedicated party chat functionality to make communication across platforms easier.

Now that Discord is coming to the Xbox, players will find it easier to chat with and talk to friends online. The integration is also good news for multiplayer games with larger Discord communities. 

Speaking of the Xbox, Microsoft is making changes to Games with Gold that will be in effect starting in October. Also, Xbox marketing head, Aaron Greenberg, confirmed that the company is sitting on more unannounced exclusives. Finally, more games are headed to the Xbox Game Pass this month.

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