Xbox Games Showcase and Starfield Direct details leaked online

A trusted source claims to know the length of the upcoming Xbox Games Showcase as well as when exactly it will take place.

At this point, fans are already bracing for the impact of another Starfield delay.

Now that E3 2023 is canceled and Xbox is holding a showcase in June, audiences are waiting for the Starfield Direct to take off. But, leakers just couldn't stop themselves from disrupting this relative peace with some very welcome news.

According to the frequent Microsoft Store leaker, WalkingCat, the Xbox Games Showcase is scheduled to start at 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM PT on June 11. The Verge's Tom Warren later corrected the tweet and presumed that 30 minutes of the said presentation would be dedicated specifically to Starfield.

A two-hour show would give Microsoft the opportunity to showcase plenty of other games outside of Starfield.

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Last year, Microsoft dropped trailers for more than 30 games at the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase. Microsoft might end up going for gold this year and give us more. After all, it's still sitting on several in-development titles. Phil Spencer is also very aware that the Xbox lacks exclusives.

It's clear that Microsoft and Bethesda Game Studios want everyone to know about Starfield ahead of its latest launch date of September 6.

However, Starfield has been delayed multiple times before. It wouldn't surprise us if Bethesda delayed it for, hopefully, the last time so that it comes out during the studio's usual mid-November launch period.

The talks of a potential delay aside, Starfield is a big deal for the gaming industry. As one of the first two big AAA exclusives coming to the Xbox Series S/X as part of the ZeniMax Media acquisition by Microsoft, it will likely affect the exclusivity of future titles.

If Starfield and Redfall don't sell well (both will be available on the Game Pass, by the way), don't expect Microsoft to keep future Bethesda titles on the Xbox platforms for much longer.

For some reason, Forza Motorsport still doesn't have a release date.

At the moment, at least three big Xbox exclusives are scheduled to launch in the next few months, starting with Redfall on May 2 followed by Starfield on September 6, and finally, Forza Motorsport, sometime in between.

Microsoft currently doesn't have a big game lined up for the holiday season. But, the tech giant could resolve this relatively quickly as soon as it owns Activision Blizzard. The next Call of Duty installment, which is presumed to be by Sledgehammer Games, should still be out in late October or early November.

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