Get Xbox Game Pass on PC for free with a Crunchyroll Premium subsciption

The partnership comes just as Sony finalized its acquisition of the anime video streaming company.

Anime and video games go hand-in-hand. It's difficult to find an avid gamer who isn't at least a casual fan of Japanese animation, or just animation in general.

This is the ultimate bundle for lovers of anime and video games.

With that said, Crunchyroll thought that it was a good idea to partner up with Microsoft to help give PC gamers the best of both worlds.

As part of a limited-time offer, each Crunchyroll Premium membership will come with a 3-month Xbox Game Pass subscription for PC.

Although this isn't as robust as the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate service, beggars can't exactly be choosers, so we can at least just be thankful that, as a PC gamer, you'll be able to watch and play basically as much anime and video games that you can handle for the next couple of weeks, all for the price of one subscription.

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Is Crunchyroll coming to PlayStation Plus?

Eager PlayStation fans are watching what Sony does with its Crunchyroll acquisition.

In case you missed it, Sony has officially acquired Crunchyroll. This effectively gives Sony full control of two of the largest anime streaming services in the West, as Sony also owns Funimation. If Sony wants, it could presumably bundle the services with both PlayStation Plus and/or PlayStation Now.

So far, Sony has shown no indications of doing that, and for now it appears the Japanese electronics giant wants to unify its multiple anime streaming services first.

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If some sort of PlayStation bundling does come to fruition, don't expect it any time soon. Sony only just started testing PlayStation Plus Video Pass in Poland. If Sony is going to bundle its multiple subscription services, it makes sense to include its live-action movies and other properties as well.

For now, PC gamers can celebrate - for $7.99 they can get both Crunchyroll Premium and Xbox Game Pass.

Crunchyroll is already available as a free anime streaming platform. However, the free version doesn't give you access to new episodes immediately. It is also supported by ads. In comparison, the Premium version comes with exclusive freebies like access to dozens of mangas, store discounts, and new anime episodes available just an hour after they are released in Japan.

With Xbox Game Pass included, your $7.99 will definitely last you for dozens if not hundreds of hours worth of entertainment.

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