Xbox Game Pass March 2021: NBA 2K21, Madden NFL 21, and More

The March 2021 lineup for Xbox Game Pass has just been revealed and it's a treat for sports fans everywhere.

It hasn't even been a year since NBA 2K21 came out and it's already being given away free to Xbox Game Pass subscribers.

Headlining the freebies for Xbox Game Pass subscribers in March 2021 are NBA 2K21 and Madden NFL 21. However, these two premier sports titles aren't the only ones. Also included are Football Manager 2021 and Star Wars: Squadrons, as well as NHL 2021, although the hockey video game won't be available until April.

This makes for a total of 4 titles that are available right away, with 1 more teased earlier, and all of them launched within the past 12 months.

Scroll down below to learn more about the free Xbox Game Pass March 2021 games, as well as how you can get them.

NBA 2K21

NBA 2K21 is considered the best basketball game of all time. This sports simulation title lets players take control of all of their favourite players and teams from the NBA complete with realistic graphics. Then, to up the immersion factor ,it comes with a number of features that cater to numerous preferences.

There's the MyCareer mode where players can create their own player and guide them from being a high school phenom to the NBA. There's also the MyTEAM mode where players can collect and build their own team filled with the best and latest superstars that the NBA has to offer.

Madden NFL 21

Smoother, bigger, and better-looking than previous installments, Madden NFL 21 lets you experience what it's like to play football better than ever before. In particular, pass-rushing as a lineman feels like a much more rewarding experience, and though it's not as next-gen as it claims to be -- the canned animation systems make repeated movements easy to spot -- it's currently the best way to experience football in a game right now.

Football Manager 2021

Not every sports enthusiast wants to be like one of the players on the court. Some prefer to be on the sidelines, pulling the strings.

If you're inclined towards that direction, Football Manager 2021 is for you.

Considered the best game in the series so far, Football Manager 2021 doesn't necessarily change the game. Instead, it only adds numerous quality-of-life improvements, including the match engine, and really immerses players in the role.

True, the gameplay is still far from the levels that FIFA has to offer. However, for those who prefer the executive and management side of things, no football game comes close to what Football Manager 2021 has to offer.

Star Wars: Squadrons

Star Wars: Squadrons is the only non-sports game included in the Xbox Game Pass March 2021 lineup.

Heavily anticipated prior to its release, Squadrons failed to meet some unfairly high expectations. But, if you think about it, there's nothing inherently wrong with them. It's still a good starfighter sim that's perfect for players who like to strategize and socialize with their squadmates. Although it has fairly limited modes, you can't exactly complain too much now that it's been made available free of charge.

How to Get The Xbox Game Pass Parch 2021 Games

Microsoft's subscription-based service was launched first in 2017 and has since been a source of high-quality video games available for free.

The Xbox Game Pass is not to be mistaken with the Xbox Live Gold service. Instead, it's meant to operate alongside it. This means that you'll still need an Xbox Live Gold subscription if you want to enjoy and play multiplayer titles.

The Xbox Game Pass currently costs $9.99 a month to subscribe, with a $14.99 version named Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

The latter is an all-inclusive version that combines both Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold subscriptions under one package, with the added benefit of getting an unlimited access to more than 100 titles with more and more games being added consistently.

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