Remedy confirms that Xbox exclusive Crossfire X is close to releasing

Remedy provided an update on CrossfireX and confirmed that it's close to releasing.

The Xbox doesn't have a lot of exclusives, so any upcoming game that's coming out on Microsoft's consoles is going to make headlines. This is especially the case if someone like Remedy Entertainment is working on it. However, as highly anticipated Crossfire X is, we haven't heard much about it for a long time. The most recent piece of news came back in August when a trailer for the multiplayer portion of the game was released.

CrossfireX is originally scheduled to release in 2020.

Fast forward to today and we finally heard more details about CrossfireX from one of its developers, Remedy Entertainment, in its most recent financial report.

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Is Crossfire X going to release in 2021?

According to reports back in November 2020, Crossfire X was going to release some time this year. With only a few weeks left in the year, it's understandable that fans are eager to hear more about the Xbox exclusive shooter. Thankfully, Remedy Entertainment provided some insight into the progress of Crossfire X.

The developer, which is working on the game's single-player campaign, said that it is "currently focused on fine-tuning and polishing the technical details of the story version of the game."

The longer it takes CrossfireX to release, the less hyped gamers will be once it's finally available.

Unfortunately, Remedy could not confirm the exact release date for Crossfire X. Similar to Halo Infinite, CrossfireX will have a separate single-player and multiplayer component. Remedy is responsible for the single-player side of things. This is why it couldn't comment on when the game will release. The onus is now on Smilegate Entertainment to provide an update on Crossfire X's free-to-play multiplayer component.

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Crossfire X could also follow the same route as Halo Infinite and release the game's components at different times. 343 Industries recently made the free-to-play multiplayer portion of Halo Infinite available on November 15 ahead of the full game's launch on December 8, 2021.

If it's any consolation, Remedy did confirm that the game is "getting closer" to release.

Hopefully, we'll hear more updates about CrossfireX from Smilegate Entertainment in the coming weeks. Even if it's not an exact release date, it would be nice to know if Crossfire X is going to release this year or not.

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