Xbox App Getting Achievements With March Update

Microsoft knocked the launch of the Xbox Series X and S consoles right out of the park, with the console manufacturer still struggling to meet overwhelming demand in stark contrast to the embattled release of the Xbox One in the previous generation. Getting the launch right isn't the end of the hustle though, and a new update coming later this month will further improve the experience.

The upcoming Xbox Wireless Headset.

The flagship feature of the March update for the current Xbox infrastructure is bringing achievement management to the mobile app, alongside brand new achievements which can be unlocked by using features of the app itself. This will give fans greater incentive to actually utilize the utility, which allows them to stay interfaced with their Xbox Series X and S consoles from afar using their preferred mobile device.

Additionally, this update is laying the software groundwork for the upcoming official Xbox Wireless Headset, which will be released soon. The idea behind rolling out its related update before launch is to allow for any bugs to be fixed before the actual hardware ships, so the headsets will work perfectly upon release.

There are still shortages of Xbox Series X and S units.

There are some other improvements we can expect from this upcoming update, such as a more convenient way to organize your various subscriptions running on the Xbox platform, mainly Live and Game Pass, though we imagine this will also apply to other subscription-based services available on the console. The Manage tab under My Games and Apps is also getting a tidy overhaul.

Microsoft isn't leaving behind users who haven't upgraded yet, so the update will also be released on Xbox One, as well as for the Xbox desktop app for Windows. This makes a great deal of sense considering the stock shortage leaving fans without a way to buy an Xbox Series X or S worldwide - though just today GameStop announced a restock. It's bound to be sold out fast, though!

Aron Gerencser
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