Xbox apologizes for teasing Fable and having nothing to show for it

An official Xbox account has since apologized for getting fans all riled up and teasing Fable news prematurely.

Playground Games is working on a new Fable game. This much we know for sure. However, we know very little about this upcoming Fable title outside that it is in development. This is why fans will jump at any chance that they can get to hear more Fable news, especially if the source is legitimate, like the Xbox-run Xbox Game Studios Publishing account on Twitter.

And the wait for more Fable news continues.

Unfortunately, it appears that all the teasing carried out by Xbox Game Studios Publishing was much ado for nothing as Xbox has zero to show for it, much to the fan's disappointment.

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Don't expect Fable news anytime soon

You can't find these tweets on the Xbox Game Studios Publishing account anymore.

A few days ago, fans believed that Microsoft was preparing to drop more information about Fable. Mind you, this wasn't all self-fabricated. The main reason why anticipation was at an all-time high was Xbox Game Studios Publishing.

In particular, because the Xbox-run account started publishing tweets like the ones pictured above. It didn't help that the 13th anniversary of Fable 2 was coming soon, which was released on October 21, 2008.

So, fans went ahead and started speculating. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear that Microsoft is going to announce anything related to Fable soon. The concerned account has also since deleted the tweets. A few hours later, the same account confirmed that fans shouldn't expect any big news related to Fable.

So, is a new Fable game coming? Yes. Are we going to hear about it soon? Probably not. We're not quite sure why Xbox Game Studios Publishing thought it was a good idea to tease Fable either. Maybe the account wanted to tease something related to Fable like some anniversary showcase or merchandise. If so, then it should have made this clear. Fans are starved for more info about the actual game itself.

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Then again, you can't exactly blame the fandom for wanting to know more about the upcoming Fable game. It's been years since we've had a chance to play Fable and longer if we only count the good games.

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