A Guide to Wyvern Riding in Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise is the latest title in the action-adventure RPG franchise, courtesy of Capcom.

Whereas previous Monster Hunter titles let you run around while on the back monsters, only Monster Hunter Rise really makes you feel in control of the creatures you're hunting.

After the multi-platform success that was Monster Hunter World, Capcom decided to scale it back a bit and release Monster Hunter Rise as a timed Nintendo Switch exclusive. Although it'll eventually be available for the PC in 2022, Monster Hunter Rise seems tailor-made for the portable Nintendo console as it is.

With that said, because Monster Hunter Rise is a relatively new title and could be the first Monster Hunter game for a lot of people, some things in the game won't come as naturally to them.

A good example of this Wyvern Riding in Monster Hunter Rise.

Scroll down below if you want to learn more about how Wyvern Riding works in Monster Hunter Rise.

How Wyvern Riding Works in Monster Hunter Rise

Wyvern Riding is one of the big new features in Monster Hunter Rise. It differs from the mounting system used in Monster Hunter World in that it's much less cumbersome. In addition to this, Wyvern Riding lets you ride and control the movement of monsters in Monster Hunter Rise, making it far more effective and enjoyable.

Wyvern Riding in Monster Hunter Rise works by getting said monster into a Mountable state by doing any of the following things:

Using Puppet Spiders

Using Endemic Life around you like Puppet Spiders will let you put a monster into a Mountable state instantly. They're scattered all over the map and should be relatively easy to find. All you've got to do is to add the Puppet Spiders to your inventory and that should be it.

Attacking With Silkbind and Wire Bug Aerial Attacks

You can use Silkbind and Wire Bug attacks to weaken enemies and increase their chances of putting them into a Mountable state.

Pitting Monster Against Monster

You can also use the other monsters in the environment and pit them against each other. This way, when they fight, one of them will inevitably lose and be put into a Mountable state so that you can mount them with minimal effort.

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Regardless of which of these methods you choose, once the creature is ready to be mounted, simply approach it and choose when prompted. Once successfully, you'll be able to mount the creature while you're on its back and explore the rest of the map.

Can You Attack When Wyvern Riding in Monster Hunter Rise?

Done successfully, Wyvern Riding gives you a significant advantage in Monster Hunter Rise, especially when up against the more difficult monsters in the game.

In Monster Hunter Rise, players can do a lot more than just run around while mounted on a monster's back by holding R button. Monsters will be able to attack as well. Each individual monster has four primary moves with separate cooldowns.

The first attack is a light attack and the second attack is a strong attack. We recommend suing the former to take out smaller monsters as it has a shorter cooldown. The latter is best for taking on larger creatures. Then, with each successful attack, a meter builds up that, when maxed out, can let players use a special finishing move.

Other moves that players can use while Wyvern Riding is pressing Y to launch the mounted creature into the air. Players can also evade and perform emergency evade to avoid attacks from other monsters. The difference between the two is that an emegrency evade will dismount them from the mounted monster while speeding up the mounted time and giving them a limited amount of time to get back and re-mount on top of the monster.

Is Wyvern Riding Worthwhile in Monster Hunter Rise?

Capcom went to great lengths to make Wyvern Riding a lot more useful in Monster Hunter Rise compared to previous games. Although it'll take a while for you to feel comfortable riding horseback on a monster, it does have a lot of advantages. For example, it's a great way to tip the scales towards your favor when hunting down two massive monsters.

Because each individual monster has a unique moveset, as well as strengths and weaknesses, you can pit monsters against others that they were weak to so as to make your hunts go a lot more smoothly.

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