A WWE wrestling RPG game is in the works

A WWE RPG sounds good on paper, but we're hoping that the developer does it justice.

The WWE isn't new to the gaming space, but RPG isn't exactly a genre most associate with the wrestling company. But, for some reason, this is the route that WWE is taking in an upcoming game.

WWE 2K22's career mode isn't half-bad, but we wouldn't exactly make an entire new game out of it.

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Eurogamer reports that WWE has signed a deal for a new wrestling RPG as the professional wrestling promotion revealed its expansion plans. WWE chief brand manager, Stephanie McMahon, revealed WWE's recent deal "in the role-playing game space," adding that fans should look forward to hearing more about the game, among others, "in the coming months."

Unfortunately, fans are worried that McMahon mentioned the RPG title in the same breath as the metaverse and decentralized properties. Some think that WWE will make an NFT-based WWE game.

Hopefully, WWE finds a good studio to work with on its RPG game.

Even if it isn't, McMahon's words aren't any more reassuring either. Nowhere in the financial call did McMahon explain what the wrestling RPG could look like. Is it going to be like WWE 2K22 but with more RPG mechanics? Or is it a full-fledged RPG with wrestling mechanics? The latter would certainly be an ambitious endeavor and it's something that wrestling fans would love to see even if it doesn't end up being as good as expected.

If it's any consolation, McMahon did claim that the company continues to "see the strength" in its mobile games and that WWE 2KK was a "commercial and critical success."

That last bit is incredibly important. Before WWE 2K22 came out on March 11, there were reports that WWE disagreed with 2K Sports' decision to delay WWE 2K22. Now, it appears that this is all water under the bridge, which means that we should see WWE 2K22 come out sometime next year.

Speaking of wrestling games, Yuke's first non-WWE wrestling game in years is reportedly launching in September.

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