Is the WWE thinking of extending Roman Reigns' championship run?

At least one WWE legend believes that Roman Reigns should hold onto his title belts until at least he surpasses Hulk Hogan's reign.

It's Roman Reigns' world and we're just living in it. Ever since The Tribal Chief won the WWE Universal Championship and added the WWE Championship to his trophy case, jointly defending them as the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship belt, his name has become the ultimate symbol of dominance in the WWE. This will be solidified on May 27 at the Night of Champions where he'll celebrate his 1,000th day with the WWE Universal Championship. And, while this nearly three-year reign is an amazing feat, some within the WWE believe that Reigns should go even further.

The WWE has a chance to update its history books in a big way with Roman Reigns.

Tommy Dreamer, a wrestling veteran who's best known for his time in the ECW, believes that Reigns is the right person to surpass Hoga's championship run.

According to Dreamer, The Head of the Table should get a chance to break Hogan's 1474-day title reign.

If this happens, Reigns would hold onto his championship until well after WrestleMania 40, which would leave the No. 1 contender at the moment, Cody Rhodes, floundering about for the better part of the next two years while he waits for his shot at the prestigious belts.

Believe it or not, Roman Reigns' championship run wasn't initially part of the plan.

Bruno Sammartino currently holds the record for the longest-recognized championship run with his 2,803-day reign.

Given that this record will likely stand forever, the next closest thing is the legendary Hulkster's record of 1,474 days, which Reigns is just a little over a year away from beating.

If nothing else, Dreamer's statement is in line with previous reports that the WWE is looking to update its history books and etch new names in it.

As the top heel of the WWE, Reigns has put in a ton of work to make himself the biggest target in the company.

Reigns has certainly earned the right to become an all-time WWE great if he already isn't. His innate wrestling skills as well as his powerhouse performance have turned him into the top heel of the WWE. He's become an irreplaceable figure in the WWE that has served as one of its constant figures for the last decade, most especially over the past two years. His long-term grip on the WWE Universal Championship, in particular, has become an irrevocable part of his legacy. Reigns' multiple successful title defenses, controversial as they are, have helped elevate the prestige of championship matches in the WWE and have made winning them all that much more memorable.

To surpass Hogan's reign is a dream of many, but only Reigns is in a position to turn this dream into a reality.

Of course, this all depends on what Triple H is planning for the WWE.

Roman Reigns deserves to climb up even further in the WWE's history books.

At the moment, Reigns is around a month away from replacing Pedro Morales for the fourth-longest title reign of all time. After this lies Bruno Sammartino's second record of 1,237 days. If Reigns ends up beating both, then beating Hogan's record becomes so much more believable.

As we've mentioned earlier, this would come at the expense of Rhodes, whose whole schtick right now is to win the title belts from Roman Reigns.

Rhodes is over with fans as any wrestler can get at the moment and his feud with Brock Lesnar will only elevate him further. However, you can't deny that his story will eventually run out of steam if he doesn't end up winning over Reigns anytime soon. It might not happen at this year's SummerSlam but a day longer than WrestleMania 40 is too long to convince fans who've already become a bit disappointed that Rhodes didn't win it all at WrestleMania 39.

For now, this is all speculation and only the WWE knows what it wants to do going forward.

Aside from Cody Rhodes, Solo Sikoa is the only other contender seen by many as having the potential to dethrone Roman Reigns.

In the meantime, fans can look forward to seeing Reigns appear in his first PPV event after WrestleMania 39 at the Night of Champions as he teams up with Solo Sikoa to try and win the Tag Team title belts from Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens.

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