WWE and AEW stars celebrate Halloween dressed as Kratos

Tommasso Ciampa and Stu Grayson of the WWE and AEW, respectively, celebrated Halloween dressed as Kratos.

Kratos is an iconic figure whose fury knows no bounds. He took on the entire Greek pantheon in his quest for vengeance and now, he's set his sights on the Norse gods, albeit with a calmer but still imposing demeanor. Because of how much fear Kratos inspires in his enemies, perhaps professional wrestlers thought that it's a good idea to cosplay as the God of War just in time to help celebrate Halloween.

WWE's Tommaso Ciampa fully embraced the Kratos look for Halloween.

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Tommaso Ciampa and Stu Grayson bring Kratos to life

Kratos is definitely not one to be messed with and sporting his look gave Stu and Ciampo a much-needed confidence boost in their respective matches.

PlayStation's best-selling franchise, God of War, got a huge shoutout this week from Tommasso Ciampa and Stu Grayson of the WWE and AEW, respectively. The former went out and defended his NXT Championship against Bron Breakker donning Kratos' gear. The only difference is that he re-colored Kratos' red markings to blue to match his regular wrestling gear.

Meanwhile, Stu Grayson was part of the Dark Order trio who took on The Elite. Grayson stood out from his teammates as he dressed as Kratos, complete with a pale white body and matching red tattoos.

While it would have been nice to see if someone else dressed as either Thor, Odin, or Tyr from Santa Monica Studio's take on the God of War series, the fact that Grayson and Ciampa went out of their way to pay homage to Kratos is good enough already.

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If nothing else, these "cameos" are a great way to stave off the excitement of fans who are desperately waiting for a chance to play as Kratos once again. Earlier this month, Sony revealed that God of War was finally headed to the PC. The best-selling title, which will be ported by a relatively unknown studio, will arrive on January 14, 2022. It is part of Sony's pivot towards porting over more of its exclusives to PC gaming, along with Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection.

Speaking of God of War, fans are worried that the release of God of War on the PC in 2022 and Horizon Forbidden West just a month later would mean that Sony might be softening the blow of an eventual delay for God of War: Ragnarok. Time will tell.

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