WWE 2K23 MyFACTION codes (June 2023)

Play with your favorite WWE superstars and get the most up-to-date WWE 2K23 locker codes for the MyFACTION mode right here.

WWE 2K23 is the newest officially licensed game where you can play with famous WWE superstars like superstars John Cena, The Undertaker, Edge, and more. There are various game modes you can choose for more action-packed experience.

Play with your favorite WWE superstars and get the most up-to-date WWE 2K23 locker codes for the MyFACTION mode right here. (Images: WWE and Visual Concepts)

One of the key features for WWE 2K23 is the MyFACTION multiplayer online experience. MyFACTION points can be earned through gameplay, but there are also codes for freebie points and exclusive loot.

Redeem WWE 2K23 locker codes with MyFACTION rewards such as bonus cards with the WWE superstars and points. Check out the complete and latest locker codes in MyFACTION mode listed below.

What is WWE 2K23?

WWE 2K23 brings back pro wrestling’s finest in this game developed by Visual Concepts. Published by 2K Sports and released on March 17, 2023 for the current generation platforms. WWE 2K23 is available for Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

The gameplay of WWE 2K23 is similar to the previous WWE 2K games. All-in-all, there are over 200 past and present wrestlers in WWE 2K23. Plus, players can customize their WWE characters with different appearances and outfits. Players can earn in-game currency by completing matches to collect more WWE characters.

WWE 2K23 has multiple game modes of MyFACTION, MyGM, Showcase, Universe, and MyRISE return to the game with brand new features. WWE 2K23 also added a new game mode, WarGames, which can be played both online and offline. Offline allows up to four players to play, while online allows up to eight players. WarGames includes The Royal Rumble match, which can be played in a multiplayer mode with up to eight bruisers in the ring.

MyFACTION is a collectible game mode that allows players to create a faction online and compete. Battles give out rewards in the form of MyFACTION points which are used to collect more cards. Another mode is MyGM, which allows players to take the on the role of General Manager where they can draft a WWE superstar, sign free agents, manage budgets, book matches, and more. The goal is to complete achievements and seasonal challenges to get 10 Hall of Fame trophies.

Celebrate the long career of John Cena in the Showcase mode. But you don't play as Cena; you get to play his rivals and recreate iconic matches against the Doctor of Thuganomics.

Showcase is a single-player mode which features John Cena, who is also the narrator. This mode allows players to remake iconic matches with Cena during his career. Interestingly, players will take the role of his WWE opponents instead of playing the "Doctor of Thuganomics" himself.

The Universe mode is a seasonal mode allows players to book any match they want on WWE brands like Raw and SmackDown, as well as pay-per-views, and other major shows.

Finally, MyRISE mode is a story mode that features two storylines: the female wrestler called The Legacy, and the male wrestler called The Lock. MyRISE lets players follow these wrestlers and their individual stories, guiding their career in the cutthroat WWE squared circle.

What are WWE 2K23 codes?

WWE 2K23 locker codes are provided by the developer, Visual Concepts. These locker codes can be redeemed in MyFaction mode to reward players with free card packs and points. New codes will coincide with the airing of pay-per-view events or special occasions.

Working WWE 2K23 codes (as of June 2023)

These are the newest and active WWE 2K23 locker codes that are valid to work.

  • NOCWWE2K23 - Redeem this code to get Seth Rollins card, AJ Styles card, Gunther card, Mustafa Ali card, and 1 Phenemonal MyFaction Basic Pack (New!)
  • AUSTIN316ESB - Redeem this code to get Steve Austin (Emerald Card)
  • NEWDAYROCKS - Redeem this code to get Xavier Woods Emerald Manager Card
  • UPUPDOWNDOWN - Redeem this code to get Tyler Breeze Emerald Manager Card

Expired WWE 2K23 codes (as of June 2023)

These are the currently expired codes and verified to no longer function. We will add expired codes to this list when codes they are verified to be inactive.

  • WWE2K23MANIA - Redeem this code to get 1 WrestleMania Deluxe Pack, 2 Superstars Series I Basic Packs, and 3000 MFP
  • EVENSTRONGER23 - Redeem this code to get 3 Superstar packs (Superstar Series 1) and 3000 MyFACTION points
  • BACKLASHKOSAMI - Redeem this code to get Sami Zayn card, Kevin Owens card, 1 Deluxe Pack (1 Superstar Series), and 1 Danger Zone Pack

How to redeem WWE 2K23 free codes?

In the MyFACTION mode, locate the Live tab and the Locker Codes option. Redeem the free WWE 2K23 codes before they expire.

In order to redeem WWE 2K23 locker codes, follow these simple steps:

  • Launch the WWE 2K23 game.
  • At the Home tab, click on the MyFaction mode.
  • Go to the Live tab and open the Locker Codes option.
  • Enter one of the active locker codes in the text box.
  • Once you enter the code, you will receive rewards instantly.
  • If card packs are included, go to the Store tab and click the Unopened Packs section to claim it.

Where can I find more WWE 2K23 free codes?

You can get the latest WWE 2K23 locker codes and more updates on the official website of the game, as well as the social media accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Discord. You might also receive special giveaways posted on these pages.

Build up your own WWE factions and stables in the MyFACTION mode. Unlock new content by gaining and spending points.

We recommend you bookmark our page (CTRL+D), as we continue to update these lists when new WWE 2K23 locker codes are released in the future.

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