The latest WWE 2K22 leak includes cover art and pre-order DLC

Rey Mysterio will reportedly be the cover star for WWE 2K22 with alternate Undertaker skins part of the game's pre-order freebies.

Is WWE 2K22 going to be released soon or not? At this point, only the game's developers, Visual Concepts, know when the next installment in the long-running WWE 2K franchise is going to make its entrance. Despite the lack of a confirmed release date, fans believe that WWE 2K22 is set to launch in March. In addition, a recent leak suggests that WWE superstar, Rey Mysterio, is going to be the game's cover star, among other things.

Wwe K Leak Cover Art And Pre Order Dlc
It appears that Visual Concepts and 2K Games is all but ready to reveal more details about WWE 2K22.

For a game that's supposed to come out soon, WWE 2K22 remains shrouded in mystery. The last we heard about WWE 2K22 was back in November, when the game's publishers, 2K Games, dropped a trailer. Before that, there were reports that WWE was not happy with the game's delayed 2022 release date.

Fast forward to today and we just found out that Rey Mysterio might be on the cover of WWE 2K22. Not only that, but the game's pre-order DLC bonus will include alternative outfits for the WWE legend, Undertaker. The latest leak also includes details about the game's Early Access period that's exclusive to anyone who pre-orders the "premium" edition of WWE 2K22.

Of course, the latest information doesn't come from an official source. Despite how well-made the cover art looks, it's not indicative that it is the final product. At the same time, it would make sense for Rey Mysterio to be on the cover of WWE 2K22. Visual Concepts featured the high-flying acrobatic masked in WWE 2K22's debut trailer. Not to mention, the pre-order DLC bonuses are in line with The Undertaker's retirement from professional wrestling in 2020.

Visual Concepts' next WWE 2K comes after a year of absence following the dismal state of WWE 2K20, which marked the first time that 2K did not release a WWE game in two decades.

Of course, only time will tell if the deluge of negative reviews and feedback as well as the lack of sales have taught Visual Concepts and 2K Games to do the franchise's fans right. If it's any consolation, gamers will only have to wait until March 11, 2022, to find out if WWE 2K22 is worth the "delay".

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