Wordle 355 for June 9: Hints and Answers

Wordle #355 is less challenging as it is taboo-ish in some cases because of its sexual connotation.

Hello again to our Wordle buddies, today is June 9 and we've got quite a word today.

Women often measure Wordle #355 to track their progress over the course of their pregnancy.
Women often measure Wordle #355 to track their progress over the course of their pregnancy.

If we're being honest, Wordle #355 for June 9, Thursday, isn't as difficult nor challenging as it is something that you often do not think about out loud because of sexual connotations. As a matter of fact, you probably don't encounter the word often if at all. It's the sort of word that people usually talk about what it means but very rarely the word itself, which is where the challenge begins.

Perhaps the biggest clue that we can give you is today's Wordle is most prominent in the adult entertainment industry. People talk about this word a lot there.

Having said that, let's not talk about the Wordle of the day to give the newer audiences a chance to know more about what this game is all about. If you're a Wordle neophyte, don't feel intimidated. This is a simple game. All you have got to do is to guess a five-letter word. The hard part comes with not having anything else outside of six tries to try and get it right. The boxes will also tell you if you're close; the box will change its color to green if the letter you guessed is right and in the correct place or yellow/orange if it's in the wrong position and appears somewhere else in the same word.

With that out of the way now, let's start talking about Wordle #355.

Hints for Wordle #355 (June 9)

Do you want to gain an advantage over your competition and find the answer to today's Wordle without being given the answer outright?

If so, you've come to the right place.

You'll find five tips below that you can use for Wordle #355:

  • First hint: It's a noun and a verb
  • Second hint: It's used to describe the measurement of something, usually something round or circular in shape
  • Third hint: It's synonymous with words like circumference and width
  • Fourth hint: It only has a single vowel
  • Fifth hint: It starts and ends with a consonant

What is the Wordle answer for June 9, Thursday?

Underneath the image that you'll find just a few spaces below, you'll find the answer to Wordle #355. If you'd still like to answer today's Wordle on your own, we suggest that you scroll back up and try to get your creative juices flowing. Otherwise, feel free to peruse the rest of the article as you please.

Here lies the solution for the June 9, 2022, Wordle:

Wordle #355 is also a band attached to a horse's saddle.
Wordle #355 is also a band attached to a horse's saddle.

The Wordle of the Day for June 9, 2022, #355, is: GIRTH

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