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Wordle 352 for June 6: Hints and Answers

Today's Wordle has the potential to cast a dark shadow over your hard-earned streak. Luckily, we're here to sort things out.

Today's Wordle deserves to be called a "streak buster."
Today's Wordle deserves to be called a "streak buster."

Good morning, Wordlers! It's another day for another Wordle, and, as always, Xfire is here to help out.

But, before we proceed, let's talk about Wordle first: Josh Wardle first created Wordle as a gift for his partner. However, what started out as a fun game for the two of them ended up being bought out by New York Times for a hefty sum (apparently low seven figures). Now, Wordle has become a seminal game that inspired several copycats like Heardle.

Having said that, you might not still have played Wordle before. If that's the case, let's tell you the rules of Wordle - the game gives you six tries to get today's five-letter answer. Your only hint is the color of the five empty boxes that you get. If you guess a letter right but it's in the wrong position, the box turns orange or yellow. On the other hand, if the letter is in the right place, the box will turn green and you can move on to guessing the other letters in the Wordle.

Now that we've gotten that out of the way, let's talk about Wordle #352. This one has the potential to break Wordle streaks. So, it's a good thing that we've rounded up a handful of tips and hints that will help you answer Wordle #352.

Hints for Wordle #352 (June 6)

If you've spent the entire day trying to guess the answer to the Wordle of the day for June 6, you can finally rejoice.

These hints should help narrow down the potential answers to today's Wordle from millions to thousands. If you can't be bothered to work at it, just skip down to the end for a much bigger clue.

So, without further delay, here are our tips for June 6, Monday:

  • First hint: It's a noun and a verb
  • Second hint: It's synonymous with partial darkness or depression
  • Third hint: You can use the word to describe someone with a somber appearance or a place of limited visibility
  • Fourth hint: It has two vowels
  • Fifth hint: The vowels are right next to each other

What is the Wordle answer for June 6, Monday?

Half the fun of playing Wordle is giving it your all. We're not judging you for getting to this point, but we recommend going back up so you can at least get to your last try before you call it in and get to the answer.

If you're about to snap your Wordle streak, we've got exactly what you need.

Here is the solution to Wordle #352:

Usually, when the weather is like this, it's about to rain.
Usually, when the weather is like this, it's about to rain.

The Wordle of the Day for June 6, 2022, #352, is: GLOOM

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