Wordle 351 for June 5: Hints and Answers

We've got your daily dose of handy hints for the popular puzzler game.

Have you spent hours searching for and figuring out the Wordle #351 answer? Most have had a hard time giving up this daily habit, even after it's stressed them out and for a good reason - finally getting that five-letter word right gives off a feeling few can compare with.

Today's Heardle isn't necessarily tricky but you might actually miss it because it's a common word.
Today's Heardle isn't necessarily tricky but you might actually miss it because it's a common word.

So, if you want to end the first week of June on the right note, you have come to the right place.

It doesn't matter if you are just here to browse through our clues or if you want to find out the full answer. We can even help you learn how to play Wordle if it's your first time.

Speaking of if you're a Wordle beginner, you don't have to worry too much. The rules of the game are simple - you get six tries to get the day's five-letter Wordle right. The only help you get is the color of the five empty boxes once you've input your guessed letters. If the box turns yellow or orange, this means that the letter is in the word but not in that position. Meanwhile, if it's green, this means you've nailed the letter.

Having said that, you can use these tips to find out what the answer to Wordle #351 is.

Hints for Wordle #351 (June 5)

Wordle has gone on for almost a year and some people have maintained Wordle streaks for as long. If the game continues to pull millions of users every month, there's no reason for it to end. The English dictionary has hundreds of thousands of words that are currently in use and many more that haven't been "in use" for a while but are still technically part of the English lexicon. This is also the reason why Wordle is so difficult - the possibilities born from the five-letter word are endless.

Use these hints to guess the Wordle of the day for June 5, Sunday:

  • First hint: It's a noun
  • Second hint: It's sometimes used to describe a point below the surface
  • Third hint: You can also use the word to describe the distance from the surface of something to its bottom
  • Fourth hint: It only has one vowel
  • Fifth hint: The vowel is in the second letter of the word

What is the Wordle answer for June 5, Sunday?

You don't always need to spend hours trying to figure out the answer to the day's five-letter word.

Sometimes, it's okay to give up and ask for help from someone who knows the answer.

If you want to keep your Wordle streak without stressing yourself, we've got the answer for you.

The solution Wordle #351 is just below this image:

Wordle #351 is often used in photography as well.
Wordle #351 is often used in photography as well.

The Wordle of the Day for June 5, 2022, #351, is: DEPTH

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