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Wordle 350 for June 4: Hints and Answers

The answer to Wordle #350 for June 4 isn't difficult, but if it's already your last chance, we'll give you some hints and the solution.

Wordle #350 is essentially to many coffee-based drinks like cappuccinos.
Wordle #350 is essentially to many coffee-based drinks like cappuccinos.

June 4 gives Wordle players another word to try and answer, which should not be too difficult compared to previous puzzles. But, as always, we're here to lend you a helping hand regardless of whether you are new to Wordle or you've been played it for a long time.

Before anything else, let's talk about Wordle first.

The New York Times puzzler asks players to guess a single five-letter word within six tries. The only clues you get are the color of the box that the letter falls into - green if it's correct and is in the right position, orange or yellow if it's in the wrong position, and gray if it's just wrong.

Using these hints, players can keep on going until they run out of tries.

Having said that, let's begin.

Hints for Wordle #350 (June 4)

There are two good reasons to play Wordle: bragging rights and practice.

There are hundreds of thousands of words in the English vocabulary and Wordle could go on forever based on that. If you want to introduce your words to your daily lexicon, you can play Wordle. Of course, it helps to read the library every day and practice using new words as well.

Speaking of, let's start pointing you in the right direction of the Wordle of the day with these hints:

  • First hint: It's a noun and a verb
  • Second hint: It's sometimes used to describe small and unnecessary talk
  • Third hint: It has four consonants
  • Fourth hint: It only has one vowel
  • Fifth hint: The vowel is in the middle of the word

What is the Wordle answer for June 4, Saturday?

If you don't want us to spoil the answer to today's Wordle for you, we understand. Just scroll back up, think hard, and try not to waste all your tries. Of course, if you're down to your last shot, it's okay to ask for help - you can always try again tomorrow.

The key to keeping up your Wordle streak is just a few scrolls away.

You'll find the answer to the Wordle of the day for June 4 below:

Wordle 350 For June 4: Hints And Answers
Wordle #350 is also synonymous to other words such as suds, bubbles, and fizz.

The Wordle of the Day for June 4, 2022, #350, is: FROTH

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