Wordle 348 for June 2: Hints and Answers

Today's puzzle is a breather compared to the past few days, so make sure to spread the Wordle.

Nearly a year after launching and eventually being bought by New York Times, Wordle still hasn't let go of its grip on the world.

Wordle June Hints Answers Scaled
Couples who are openly affectionate with each other can sometimes be called Wordle #348.

At the moment, Wordle is in its 348th puzzle after yesterday's noise-related word. We also would like to tell you that Wordle #348 is far easier compared to previous words. But, before we assume that you've given in to the game full of elusive squares, let's talk about what Wordle is for beginners.

Without going into its backstory, Wordle is a game where your goal is to find out the five-letter word of the day in six attempts.

In a way, Wordle is like Scrabble. However, unlike Scrabble, Wordle will ask you to guess the right letters in hopes that you will eventually formulate the correct word. Your only hints are the colors of the square. If you have the right letter at the right spot, the square goes green. But, if you have the right letter at the wrong spot, the square turns yellow (or is it orange?). Naturally, if it grays out, that means the letter doesn't appear anywhere in the word and you can't do anything about that.

With only six tries to start a streak or keep an existing streak going, there is a lot of pressure that goes into playing Wordle.

This is where we come in.

Hints for Wordle #348 (June 2)

Are you still trying to save your Wordle streak? Before you scroll down to the bottom, let's try and dig deep into your mind palace first.

Who knows? Maybe all you need is some hints.

Here's some tips to help crack the day's 5-letter code:

  • First hint: It's an adjective
  • Second hint: It's used to describe something that stands out or is bright or colorful
  • Third hint: The word has four consonants
  • Fourth hint: It only has one vowel
  • Fifth hint: It does not have a duplicate letter

What is the Wordle answer for June 2, Thursday?

Now, if you have given up on today's Wordle, we have your back.

You'll find the solution to Wordle #348 below. So, if you're still trying to figure it out, look away now and scroll back up.

If you've given up, the answer is just a scroll away.

The answer to Wordle #348:

Wordle June Hints Answers
Another word for Wordle #348 is flamboyant and ostentatious.

The Wordle of the Day for June 2, 2022, #348, is: SHOWY

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