Wordle 342 for May 27: Hints and Answers

Wordle #342 is for royalties and women of stature.

Are you looking for the Wordle answer for Friday, May 27? Well, you've come to the right place.

Wordle May Hints Answers
The ladies out there will be able to guess Wordle #342 right away.

Wordle has to be everyone's favorite pastime now. You, me, your co-worker who's always bugging you about how long your streak is, and pretty much everyone else, is playing the popular New York Times' brain twister.

Of course, just because everyone's playing Wordle, doesn't mean that all of us can get it right.

It can be especially disheartening to see your Wordle streak broken after keeping it up for weeks if not months. We've even heard that there are people who have somehow kept their Wordle streak for as long as the game has been up online - a monumental feat, all things considered.

Having said that, we know why you're here.

Below, we'll give you a handful of curated ideas to help you slug your way through this work week's last Wordle.

Hints for Wordle #342 (May 27)

Before you scroll down further below to get your own, we'd like to challenge you first. After all, it feels better knowing that you worked hard to maintain your streak and didn't just get the answer for free.

Wordle #342 probably isn't something we commoners have worn in our lives, or at the very least, not the real thing. However, if you, just like us, dreamt of being royalty one day, like the ladies out there, it should be quite easy for you to guess Wordle #342. Then again, we also understand if you guessed wrong a couple of times - these ones come in many different names, after all.

Be sure to use these clues to try and figure out Wordle #342:

  • First hint: It's a noun
  • Second hint: This ornamental band is usually associated with women
  • Third hint: Historically, this refers to turbans worn by ancient Persian kings
  • Fourth hint: There are three vowels in the word
  • Fifth hint: The word starts with one of the most common first letters in Wordle: S, A, E, T, and R

What is the Wordle answer for May 27, Friday?

With at least three vowels in it, we'd be surprised if you hadn't gotten a few yellow or even green letters for Wordle #342.

Unfortunately, clues don't always do the trick. Either that or maybe you're just too busy or too pompous to play the game the way that average folk does, in which case, we would be happy to oblige, my liege.

You'll find the answer to Wordle #342 below the image:

Wordle May Hints Answers
Little children, especially girls, dream of growing up and wearing Wordle #342.

The Wordle of the Day for May 27, 2022, #342, is: TIARA

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