Wordle 340 for May 25: Hints and Answers

Today's Wordle has two vowels that are next to each other followed by another two consonants that are just as close.

Come on in friends.

Usually, when you do today's Wordle, that means that you're giving it your personal guarantee.

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We know you're tired from the journey. It's not easy trying to guess the answer for Wordle 340 for May 25. You could say that it was just as hard as yesterday, which, speaking of, that ALBUM has zero in common with today's Wordle.

Having said that, we're pretty sure we can help you out.

If you're having trouble with Wordle #340 and need help coming up with an answer, all you need to do is to scroll down.

Hints for Wordle #340 (May 25)

Wordle gives players five empty boxes to start with, hence, our five tips.

With only six guesses to nail today's Wordle, we understand why you'll need help. Sussing out a secret five-letter word where you're only hint is if you guessed if the letter is in the word and if it is in the right order is difficult.

The good news is that you can always look the word up.

Whether you want the answer right away or you still want to challenge yourself to guess the Wordle correctly albeit, with more help, we're here for you.

Use these clues to find out the answer to Wordle #340:

  • First hint: It's a noun and a verb
  • Second hint: Its most common use is when you're trying to give a personal guarantee for something
  • Third hint: A more formal use of the word is when someone is called into court to warrant or defend something
  • Fourth hint: There are two vowels in the middle of the word
  • Fifth hint: The word starts with a constant followed by two vowels and then another two consonants

What is the Wordle answer for May 25, Wednesday?

Our hints should at least get you some letters right for Wordle #340. If not, you can read on to find out the right answer.

Of course, if you'd like to know the solution right away, all you've got to do is to skip down below the image.

Just make sure that you're ready to do that first. It's nice to keep your streak, but it's best if you did it on your own accord - not with the help of a random stranger who gives you the answer outright.

The answer to Wordle #340 is right below the image:

You're effectively confirming something if you do today's Wordle.

The Wordle of the Day for May 25, 2022, #340, is: VOUCH

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