Wordle 326 for May 11: Hints and Answers

The Wordle of the Day for May 11 is sometimes used to describe an absurd event.

What's up, Wordlers? It's a new day already, which means, it's a new Wordle for us to solve.

Need a hand with today's Wordle? We've got just the thing for that.

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After Wordle teased brains and, quite possibly, broke streaks, with May 10's word, it's back with yet another challenging combination of letters that most will likely have a difficult time figuring out on their own.

If today's Wordle is giving you a headache, don't worry. We'll help you out.

But, before we go ahead and spoil things for you, we'll give you a couple of tips and tricks first to find out the answer to Wordle #326.

Hints for Wordle #326 (May 11)

The most difficult part about Wordle #326 is that it's not an everyday word. It's also not common enough that most of us should be familiar with it. But, you've probably heard the word used every now and then, which is a good thing.

Here are a handful of tips to help you answer Wordle #326:

  • First hint: It's a noun and an adjective
  • Second hint: Originally, it was used to describe a broad satire or comedy
  • Third hint: The word has two vowels
  • Fourth hint: It's also used to describe something serious that turned out to be absurd
  • Fifth hint: Each letter of the word is unique

With five hints in six tries, you should have enough help to get today's Wordle right. Don't forget to let your friends know just how awesome and long your streak is by hitting the "Share" button.

What is the Wordle answer for May 11, Wednesday? 

As much as we'd all love to be self-sufficient, there's no shame in admitting defeat.

If today's Wordle has gotten you stumped, don't worry because you are not alone. It's not cheating to scroll down either, which is what you're about to do now that you only have one more try left before you snap your streak.

Before anything else, we'd like to give you a final chance.

If you insist, scroll down below to find out the answer to May 11's Wordle:

It probably doesn't help that Wordle #326 doesn't start with a common letter.

The Wordle of the Day for May 11, 2022, #326, is: FARCE.

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