Wolverine will not rise from the grave in Deadpool 3

Wolverine actor Hugh Jackman shares new details about the timeline of the third Deadpool movie.

The timeline for Deadpool’s debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is a very complicated matter and will reportedly involve the Time Variance Authority. It is especially tricky since it includes Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine who is supposed to be dead. The character died in the Academy Award-winning movie Logan back in 2017.

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Deadpool 3 will happen long before Logan according to Hugh Jackman.

Earlier this month, Jackman discussed his decision to return as Wolverine for the upcoming Deadpool movie. The actor announced during the production of Logan that the film would be his last movie as Wolverine. He explained that Marvel’s handy "ability" to move timelines and preserve the timeline of Logan was a key factor in his decision to return as the mutant superhero.


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Jackman recently spoke to The Empire Film Podcast to reveal more about the timeline of Deadpool 3 and Logan. According to the actor, the upcoming MCU film will happen years before the events of Logan in which his character died. He also shared that director James Mangold was relieved that Wolverine did not have to rise from the grave in Deadpool 3.

"He was actually really cool about it," Jackman revealed. "I did tell him that it took place before our movie, so I wasn’t gonna screw with the claws popping out of the grave. So he was relieved by that, and he totally got it. He thought it was a good idea."

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Wolverine will not rise from the grave in Deadpool 3.

Jackman also shared that nobody wanted to mess with the ending of the Logan movie and that he was proud of how the movie ended. The actor also revealed that he was certain that Logan was his last movie up until August 2022 when he decided to accept the offer from Ryan Reynolds to be part of Deadpool 3.

"None of us wanted to screw with that. I was really proud of that movie and what we did, and it felt perfect," Jackman said. 

He adds, "And actually, for five years, I was really, honestly, I can tell you, I was kind of a hard done, I was like, this was it. It was August 14, I remember driving and it just came to me like that. I just thought this would be so much fun. I’ll probably have more fun on that movie than anything I’ve ever done."

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Hugh Jackman was certain that Logan was his last film as Wolverine up until August 2022 when he accepted the invitation from Ryan Reynolds to be part of Deadpool 3.

Reynold, who is co-writing the screenplay for the movie, previously said that Wolverine died in Logan and that he is "not touching that." Jackman’s newest revelation makes it clear that Wolverine will eventually die sometime in the distant future. 

Perhaps we'll see Marvel incorporate the events of the Logan movie once the X-men come into the MCU. Kevin Feige previously teased that we are getting close to having the mutant team as a part of the MCU with the arrival of Wolverine in the upcoming Deadpool movie. Hopefully, we won't have to until Deadpool 3 premieres in theaters on November 8, 2024, to find out more about the arrival of mutants into the MCU.

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