The Witcher 3 is officially coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X via next-gen update scheduled for December 14

Apart from improved visuals and Netflix-sourced content, The Witcher 3's next-gen update will bring new gameplay features.

Seven years after its official release, The Witcher 3 is finally getting a proper release on PS5, Xbox Series S, and Series X, as well as a big update for the PC version.

Witcher Wild Hunt Update

Despite still being one of the most visually appealing games on the market, the latest free DLC coming to The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, manages to offer even more graphical improvements.

Headlining the list of long-awaited updates for the PC version are ray-tracing and FLS/DLSS support. After multiple expansions and a highly successful Netflix show, the update coming on December 14 is the perfect opportunity to indulge legacy fans and newcomers with some new content.

The infamous Nilfgaardian armor, which originates from Season 1 of the Netflix show, is being introduced as an optional setting in the latest update. Henry Cavil might have left the Witcher show in favor of his Superman role, but at least this update will give fans the opportunity to rock Geralt's iconic outfits from Season 1 and Season 2 in-game.

The update will also feature a new armor for Geralt, inspired by the Chinese dynasties. Two new Korean-themed swords will also be available, but unlocking them is a challenge yet to be overcome.

The Witcher Comparison
Digital Foundry did some testing to compare the graphical enhancements in the new update.

Everyone's favorite bard from the Northern Kingdoms, Jaskier, is also getting a new fresh look inspired by the show. However, his lack of facial hair is quite the slip-up!

In addition to this, the newly introduced gameplay features visible from play testing mostly affect Roach. Gerald's trusted sidekick can now walk backwards, kick her master's foes, and even keep her head afloat when swimming. Apart from becoming more reactive, Narrative Director Philip Weber also pointed out that Roach was getting a ton of new features fans should be excited about.

When asked about possible further expansions to The Witcher 3, Weber stated that the team envisions the already-released Blood and Wine expansion as the final DLC. But he noted that fans should be excited about Project Polaris, which is the production name for the next expansion of The Witcher chronicle.

A number of community mods are also being introduced to the base game, universally improving the gameplay experience. Fans should be pumped as Orld Map Fixes, Immersion, HDMR, Nitpicker's patch, and many more mods are included in this free DLC.

Visual upgrades and quality-of-life improvements highlight the changes that this update will bring to the PS5 and Series X versions, as shown in the Digital Foundry video above. Higher-quality models from various angles, reworked foliage, and many more 4K textures should make for a more enjoyable visual experience. While faster-responding controls when using signs to cast magic spells and revised camera angles make the game look, feel, and perform better than ever before.

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