Will PlayStation host another Games Showcase?

Many felt that the recent showcase was underwhelming in terms of the games announced.

Fans felt the latest PlayStation Showcase did not feature enough first-party titles.

The recent PlayStation Showcase was hyped as one of the biggest gaming events this year. However, audiences felt Sony could have done better as there were fewer first-party games than expected.

Insider Gaming’s Tom Henderson believes Sony needs to do another showcase this year. Henderson shared that while he wasn’t disappointed, he felt Sony did not announce enough first-party titles to satisfy fans.  

"First off, I’ll be honest, I wasn’t as disappointed as the majority of people expressed themselves to be on yesterday’s PlayStation Showcase," Henderson wrote. "Personally, I thought it was just mediocre, not brilliant, but not terrible, and maybe somewhere in the 6 out of 10 region. Still, despite my feelings toward the showcase on an individual basis – It was definitely a bad showing in the grand scheme of things."

He adds, "It’s been 20 months since the last PlayStation Showcase in September 2021, where the likes of Wolverine and Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 made their debuts, and God of War Ragnarok had a strong showing. When you look back, the 2021 showcase feels a lot more prestigious and this time around, Sony fell flat on delivering that same experience because of its lack of 1st party showings."

Henderson believes that Sony should host another PlayStation Showcase.

He explained that several first-party games such as Death Stranding 2, The Last of Us Multiplayer, and the Horizon MMO should be part of the next games showcase.

"It’s not like PlayStation is short on first-party exclusives either," Henderson said. "Wolverine, Death Stranding 2, Rise of the Ronin, The Last of Us Multiplayer, and Horizon Multiplayer are just a few titles that I can think of off the top of my head that didn’t make an appearance."

Henderson also recently shared on the ResetEra gaming forum that he has seen trailers of upcoming first-party games that did not make it to the PlayStation showcase. However, he did not elaborate on which titles were not included in the most recent PlayStation Showcase.

There is growing sentiment in the gaming community that Sony is holding back on the game announcements. Fans believe that Sony will reveal more games at the Summer Games Fest.

Fans expected first-party titles such as The Last of Us multiplayer game to be highlighted at the PlayStation Showcase.

The first-party games mentioned may not yet be ready for the reveal. Given the recent spate of games that are coming out with performance issues and bugs, Sony may also be playing it safe. The company may be holding off on announcing all of its games currently in development to avoid pressure on the studio working on the title. Most games at the May 24 event had some sort of release window. Finally, it's possible SOny is waiting for the Xbox Showcase even in June before holding another showcase.

Should Sony announce more games this year? Yes, most definitely. Does it need to be another PlayStation Showcase? Many would say yes, but other gaming events could serve as a platform for these announcements.

The Summer Games Fest, Tokyo Game Show, and The Game Awards are just some of the upcoming events where Sony could go all out on the announcements.

Sony could also do individual State of Play events for its upcoming games and hardware, including the Project Q and the PlayStation earbuds, among others.

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