Will Netflix's The Harder They Fall get a sequel?

The Harder They Fall's director, Jeymes Samuel, has confirmed that a sequel is in development.

The Harder They Fall is a Western film with a twist.

The Harder They Fall is one of Netflix's best original films ever. When it debuted in 2021, it garnered generally positive reviews. The American Western film was also well received by audiences topping the US Nielsen streaming chart for November and accumulating almost 1.2 billion minutes of streaming views within its first few weeks - but will it get a sequel?

Given the film's success, many of us have wondered whether the story will continue. However, Netflix has not given any indication that a follow up is in the works. Thankfully a few days ago, this changed -  thanks to the film's director, we got confirmation that a sequel is in development.

It all started when a fan, @AnumAJamal, who had recently seen the film again, tweeted her desire for a sequel. She said, "Rewatching 'The Harder They Fall' and I wish there is a second movie on the works! @TheBullitts @Jeymes"

About a week later, the film's director, Jeymes Samuel, came across the tweet. Although he did not provide any detail, he confirmed that there is a sequel in the works. His words were short and simple and they read, "… There is."

Despite Samuel's words, we would advise that you keep your expectations under control. For one, Netflix itself hasn't said anything about a sequel and until that happens Samuel's confirmation is, at best, a rumor. A very solid rumor, but a rumor nonetheless.

Besides, projects fall apart in Hollywood all the time and there is a big chance that the potential The Harder They Fall sequel will do so too. The reason for this is that the film's lead actor, Jonathan Majors, is currently battling assault and harassment charges. Even though his alleged victim backtracked on her allegations, they have refused to go away.

Worse, more alleged abuse victims came forward and accused the actor of doing the same thing to them. Because of this, we do not see him going back to work on any film anytime soon unless he is cleared of all charges.

The Harder They Fall is one of Netflix's best original films ever and it appears we will be getting a sequel.

Of course, Samuel and Netflix could simply recast Majors's role or write him out of the sequel. Maybe in this case film wouldn't be the same without the energy and pizzazz he brought to his character - or, a new lead could bring an even more compelling performance to bear. It could go either way.

The Harder They Fall was a fun and enjoyable watch – we can tell because we've seen it. The film put a delightful twist on the Western genre that included a predominantly black cast and a soundtrack that is heavily influenced by hip-hop.

It follows Nat Love, played by Majors, who is on a vendetta against the outlaw Rufus Buck, played by Idris Elba, who killed his family when he was a boy. Apart from Majors and Elba, The Harder They Fall features Regina King, Zazie Beetz, Edi Gathegi, and Lakeith Stanfield, among others.

Even though the film's story was very much complete, it left the door open for a sequel. If Samuel can subvert the sequel successfully as he did with the first film, we are sure it will be well received by everybody.

For those who wish to experience The Harder They Fall once more, the film is available for streaming on Netflix.

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  1. They would be stupid not to do a sequel. This is one of the rare instances where Netflix did something I really enjoyed.

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