In-Depth Wildcards Guide for Black Ops Cold War

Once again, Wildcards return in Black Ops Cold War. Wildcards are a create-a-class feature that allow for a more flexible custom class creation. Wildcards were first introduced in Black Ops 2 and have been in COD games ever since.

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You might be wondering how exactly do these Wildcards make create-a-class flexible? Wildcards allow you to do things that are not possible in a regular create-a-class set-up.

For instance, Wildcards allows you to equip two perks from the same perk slot, equip two primary or secondary weapons, and even equip two lethal or tactical equipment. We've seen these benefits, such as equipping two primaries in the form of perks, similarly to the Overkill perk in Modern Warfare that allows you to equip two primary weapons.

But thanks to Wildcards, you can not only equip two primary weapons but also have room for whatever perk you need. You are no longer limited to choosing a single perk that allows you to equip two primaries but restricts your access to the other perks in that same category. This is why Wildcards are essential, as they eliminate this issue.

The Wildcards are unlocked once you reach the military rank 12 during your core progression. You get your first Wildcard on rank 12, followed by other Wildcards as you level up more (more details about each Wildcard are covered below).


There are four Wildcards in Black Ops Cold War: Danger Close, Law Breaker, Gunfighter, and Perk Greed.

  • Danger Close: Allows you to equip extra lethal and tactical equipment. Moreover, it also allows you to start the match with additional ammo. It unlocks when you reach the military rank 12.
  • Law Breaker: It allows you to equip any weapon class in either one of your slots. You can also equip multiple perks from one perk category. It does not mean you can have more than three perks. Whether you choose from the same category or different, the limit is still three. The Law Breaker wildcard unlocks at military rank 21.
  • Gunfighter: Unlocks three additional attachment slots for your primary weapon (originally, there are five slots). It unlocks at military rank 27.
  • Perk Greed: The Perk Greed is an extremely useful wildcard to have in your back pocket. It allows you to equip an extra perk from each perk category. This means that you can choose up to six perks in total. It unlocks at military rank 45. This means that you can jump into action with both the Ghost and Ninja perk together. The Perk Greed lifts the perk selection limitations that you have otherwise.

The best wildcard is the Perk Greed wildcard, as it allows you to equip two perks from each perk category. The perks are otherwise categorized very strategically and without Wildcards you wouldn't be allowed to have what is the best of both worlds. For example, if you choose to go with the Ghost perk in the third category, you won't be able to choose Gung-Ho (faster reload, switch weapons faster, no fall damage, etc.) or Ninja (silent footsteps and sprint quietly) unless you use Wildcards.

These are some of the most important perks to have in the game, and with the Perk Greed wildcard, you can have them all - at least to some extent.

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