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Why is Ezra Miller not promoting The Flash?

Ezra Miller will only appear on the red carpet during The Flash’s single premiere in Los Angeles and that's it.

The Flash will have only one premiere four days ahead of its debut.

The Flash is one of the most anticipated superhero films this year and will start showing in theaters later this month. But, if you're wondering where the lead star, Ezra Miller, is, they won't be actively seen promoting the film beyond a low-profile appearance at its Los Angeles premiere on June 12.

Usually, blockbuster films of this status see their stars go on promotion junkets from granting interviews to press houses to making appearances on television. The Flash will tow a different line, though.

According to Variety, Miller will steer clear of the press in the run to the film’s debut. They (Miller identifies as non-binary, so they use they/them pronouns) will pose for pictures at the film’s premiere in Los Angeles and nothing more. In fact, they won’t even grant interviews to members of the press as is the norm with Hollywood films.

Variety reports that a source close to Miller said they prefer the "conversation to be about the movie and not about Ezra," adding that they're currently "focused on their mental health."

Even though Warner’s decision is unusual, a source told Variety that it is to protect the film’s secret ending. While the studio has screened the film a few times, it has never truly revealed how it ends.

For example, the company didn’t show the entire film at the April CinemaCon screening. Instead, it cut off a large part of its ending such that viewers have no conclusive evidence of how things panned out.

The studio also screened the film at its Burbank, California lot last week. While that version showed the final scene, the parts that would have revealed the ending were blurred out to prevent just that.

Ezra Miller will avoid any press junket to promote the film and will only appear for photos at the premiere.

If you are wondering whether the film’s lack of a press tour will poorly impact The Flash, the answer is that it ordinarily would. However, Warner has sought to make up for it by pursuing an aggressive advertising policy.

The company unveiled the film’s trailer at the 2023 Super Bowl earlier this year and has also ensured it featured heavily during the NBA and NHL playoffs.

Additionally, Warner will screen the film in many of the world’s most important cities, including Buenos Aires, Madrid, and London.

Given that the film is projected to have a $75 million opening, it appears that the studio’s strategy, alongside the film’s rave reviews, is working.

Despite the rationale reportedly behind Warner’s choice to avoid the press circuit, we wonder whether Miller’s issues last year didn’t also play a part. The 30-year-old actor had been at the center of many controversies that includes an arrest for disorderly conduct and harassment as well as a suit for breaking and entering.

They have since sought professional help for their mental health after they issued a public apology for their behavior.

By the way, Warner reportedly has a script for a potential sequel in its safe. However, there is currently no indication it will develop a sequel. If that changes, you can be sure you will hear about it here.

For now, you can catch up with The Flash when he speeds into theaters on June 16.

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