Here's when Wild Hearts is coming out on all platforms

Technically, Wild Hearts is already available to play on the Game Pass and EA Play days ahead of its launch.

Capcom's Monster Hunter series is unbeatable in its domain. With nearly 90 million units sold in close to two decades, the progenitor of the Hunter Role Playing Game genre is king. But, this doesn't mean others will stop trying.

Here's When Wild Hearts Is Coming Out On All Platforms
Wild Hearts could be the first to give Monster Hunter a good run for its money.

Case in point, Koei Tecmo and EA's Wild Hearts. The current-gen exclusive (and PC) game will be available to play starting on February 17 in a lot of territories. However, if you're curious to find out why others are getting a chance to play Wild Hearts ahead of you, don't worry, we're here to help you sort things out.

Because Electronic Arts is publishing Wild Hearts, it's available to play via EA Play and Game Pass Ultimate. Furthermore, EA confirmed some time ago that subscribers can enjoy an early access 10-hour trial of Wild Hearts starting on February 13. If you upgrade to EA Play Pro, you'll be able to play Wild Hearts as well as other EA titles at launch as long as you have an active subscription.

At $5 a month or $30 a year, EA Play is a steal if you'd like to give Wild Hearts a try and check out what other games EA has to offer.

Having said that, the rest of the world will be able to enjoy Wild Hearts on the PC on the following dates:

  • PT Los Angeles - 7:00 AM (February 16)
  • CST Mexico City - 9:00 AM (February 16)
  • EST New York - 10:00 AM (February 16)
  • BST Sao Paulo - 12:00 PM (February 16)
  • WAT Lagos - 2:00 PM (February 16)
  • GMT London - 3:00 PM (February 16)
  • CET Berlin - 4:00 PM (February 16)
  • AST Tiyadh - 6:00 PM (February 16)
  • CST Beijing - 11:00 PM (February 16)
  • HK Hong Kong 11:00 PM (February 16)
  • JST Tokyo 12:00 AM (February 17)
  • AEDT Sydney 2:00 AM (February 17)
Here's When Wild Hearts Is Coming Out On All Platforms
Wild Hearts could potentially be better than Monster Hunter, at least in the graphics department.

Keep in mind that the aforementioned times only apply to the PC version of Wild Hearts. The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S/X version of Wild Hearts comes out exactly at 12:00 AM in every timezone on February 17. So, if you're from Tokyo, you'll be getting at least half a day start ahead of players from New York and Los Angeles.

Given that Monster Hunter Rise has been out for over a year, Wild Hearts could tide over audiences until the next Monster Hunter game comes out. Sony certainly seems to believe enough in the potential of Wild Hearts after including the game in its showcase of upcoming titles for the year.

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