When is the new Better Call Saul episode coming out?

After a short break, Better Call Saul's last few episodes will be here starting on July 11.

Better Call Saul is about to come to an end. After six seasons, we're finally seeing the last few episodes of the Bob Odenkirk-led series as we find out what Jimmy McGill has been up to since the end of Breaking Bad as well as what he did until the last few moments before the aforementioned AMC series started and he fully embraced being Saul Goodman.

Kim Wexler is nowhere to be seen in Breaking Bad, which doesn't bode well for the fate of Better Call Saul's original character heading into the final season.

We have known for a while that Season 6 will be Better Call Saul's last. Just like several TV shows that aired in recent years, AMC split Better Call Saul's final season up into two parts. The first half premiered on April 18 and ended on a high note on May 23 with Tony Dalton's Lalo Salamanca shooting Patrick Fabian's Howard Hamlin on the head.

With fans eager to find out what will happen to Rhea Seehorn's Kim Wexler seeing as she wasn't a part of Breaking Bad, many can't wait to find out when the next Better Call Saul will hit cable television and streaming platforms next.

The good news here is that the wait won't be for too long - Better Call Saul will resume its sixth and final season on AMC on Monday, July 11.

We're curious to see what Saul Goodman is up to following the events of Breaking Bad.

As confirmed earlier this year, Better Call Saul's remaining episodes will air weekly starting on July 11 in the same Monday time slot until the finale on August 15 on AMC as well as its streaming platform, AMC Plus. But, if you have neither don't worry. Netflix still has the right to stream Better Call Saul in several countries around the world, just like Breaking Bad.

Better Call Saul's next set of episodes will pop up on Netflix a day after hitting AMC. This is to say that the final season of Better Call Saul will be on Netflix starting on July 12. So, if do not have access to AMC and AMC Plus but you want to avoid spoilers, stay away from the internet for at least a few hours until it becomes available on Netflix in your area.

Here's a better look at when you can watch the final Better Call Saul season 6 episodes:

  • Better Call Saul episode 8 - July 11 (AMC) and July 12 (Netflix)
  • Better Call Saul episode 9 - July 18 (AMC) and July 19 (Netflix)
  • Better Call Saul episode 10 - July 25 (AMC) and July 26 (Netflix)
  • Better Call Saul episode 11 - August 1 (AMC) and August 2 (Netflix)
  • Better Call Saul episode 12 - August 8 (AMC) and August 9 (Netflix)
  • Better Call Saul episode 13 - August 15 (AMC) and August 16 (Netflix)

In addition to Better Call Saul, another highly anticipated series will arrive on Netflix later in the week. The streamer's live-action adaptation of Resident Evil will start streaming on July 14.

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