When is Square Enix launching the Final Fantasy 16 demo?

While news of the FF16 demo isn't new, fans have been wondering when it'll be available ahead of the game's launch in June.

We've got great news for the Final Fantasy fans out there. Square Enix, the long-time developers of the JRPG franchise, just confirmed once again that an extensive demo of the game is coming ahead of its launch. The best part? You can play the Final Fantasy 16 demo for a couple of hours.

Final Fantasy 16 is the biggest game by Square Enix for the PS5 so far.

According to Square Enix, the upcoming Final Fantasy 16 demo will cover hours of content featuring the game's protagonist, Clive, in his youth. This is contrary to the trailers we've gotten so far that appear to focus on Clive as an adult.

The demo appears to be consistent with the hands-on FF16 previews that are already available online.

Square Enix confirmed earlier this year that a demo for FF16 will be available in June. While we don't know exactly what it's coming, it's nice to know what it will contain.

At the very least, the demo should tide audiences over ahead of the game's launch on June 22.

Final Fantasy 16 is touted as a much-needed return to form for the franchise.

The best thing about the FF16 demo is how long it lasts. Sony, for example, lets players demo games as part of its PS Plus Premium subscription but it only lasts an hour or two. For Square Enix to let players check out FF16 for hours is a sign of its confidence that people will buy copies of the game. At the same time, it's a big win for gamers. Since it will take you a couple of hours to play through the demo, you'll get a good feel for the game even before it's out.

Just in case it needs to be confirmed, the FF16 demo will be available exclusively on the PS5.

Demos are coming back strong in recent years and developers appear to be loving the opportunity to tweak their games ahead of their release. Square Enix, in particular, has been one of the staunch supporters of this movement. Most if not all its big-budget titles have had a demo ahead of their release. Unfortunately, not every demo and the subsequent full game has gone well for Square Enix. But, Square Enix appears to be confident that FF16 will move the needle for the company and the franchise as a whole, calling it as a game that will draw out the full potential of the PS5.

Only time will tell if the FF16 demo will turn the naysayers into believers or not.

We're hoping that it won't take nearly a decade for Square Enix to release another numbered Final Fantasy entry again.

Square Enix will likely reveal the release date of the FF16 demo at the upcoming PlayStation Showcase.

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