When is the Dead Space Remake gameplay reveal happening?

Just like clockwork, the earlier leaks were spot on that Electronic Arts will drop new footage of the Dead Space remake.

EA Motive's Dead Space remake is coming out in the next few months. However, Electronic Arts want to make sure that fans are as hyped as can be for its launch.

When Dead Space Remake Gameplay Reveal
The Dead Space remake is shaping up to be one of the best upcoming games for early next year.

According to Electronic Arts, a new trailer for the Dead Space remake will debut tomorrow at 8:00 AM PT / 11:00 AM ET.

Dead Space holds a special place in the heart of horror game fans. At a time when Resident Evil went bonkers with the action that saw Chris Redfield take on a literal boulder, Dead Space went all-in on the survival horror experience but took gamers to a new environment - space. The result was a space-horror trilogy that saw the protagonist, Isaac Clarke, take his now-iconic plasma cutter and tear Necromorphs a new one.

Unfortunately, Dead Space wasn't quite in line with EA's plans at the time. As it was mostly a single-player experience, EA stopped at a third game, which came out in 2013.

When Dead Space Remake Gameplay Reveal
The original Dead Space trilogy had its share of scary moments.

Fast forward to a decade later and a reboot is finally happening. However, unlike with The Last of Us Part 1, the new Dead Space isn't just a visual upgrade.

Although EA promises that it's a faithful reimagining of the original game, it will make several tweaks. For example, it will borrow a page out of Santa Monica Studio's God of War and turn the entire ordeal into one seamless experience. The game will not have any loading screens or camera cuts unless you die, which should up the immersion factor. EA Motive will also use elements and ideas from the two Dead Space sequels as well as the expanded media to fine-tune the story and tell a better tale.

Technically, narratively, and graphically, the new Dead Space should be a better game. The only question now is, will it deliver?

When Dead Space Remake Gameplay Reveal
If all goes well, Dead Space will help kickstart another way of space-horror titles.

We'll find out more about Dead Space when it comes out on January 27. Until then, you can look forward to watching the gameplay reveal tomorrow, October 4.

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