Here is when the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 beta might start

A new leak reveals the potential release date of the upcoming Modern Warfare 2 open beta.

After two relatively lackluster entries, Infinity Ward is coming back to put Call of Duty back on top of sales charts.

If the leaks are true, we'll get a chance to play Modern Warfare 2 in September.

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Three years after dropping Modern Warfare, Infinity Ward will be releasing its sequel, Modern Warfare 2, later this year. Meanwhile, the studio is also expected to launch Warzone 2 just a few months after.

With so much going on for Call of Duty in the six months, fans are already looking forward to an early glimpse at both games. Thanks to a trusted leaker, we might finally know when the open beta for Modern Warfare 2 will take place.

According to RalphsValve via WhatIfGaming, the MW2 beta dates are:

  • PlayStation Exclusive Weekend
    • Early Access: September 15-16
    • Open Beta: September 17-19
  • Cross-Play Weekend
    • Early Access: September 22-23
    • Open Beta: September 24-26

It looks like Microsoft is staying true to its word. After acquiring Activision Blizzard for a big sum earlier this year, Microsoft promised that the company will still honor its commitments with Sony. The leaked beta dates for the upcoming Call of Duty game prove this. In total, PlayStation owners with Early Access to the MW2 open beta will have ten days to enjoy the game.

Judging by the hype, Modern Warfare 2 could outsell all previous Call of Duty games.

September is only just two months away. We should find out what Activision has planned for Call of Duty soon, we just don't know when exactly. Just like Sony, Activision also pulled out of Gamescom 2022 in August. This leaves us a wide window between now and the next eight weeks to wait for Activision Blizzard to reveal when the open beta for Modern Warfare 2 will take place.

In other Call of Duty news, images and maps for Modern Warfare 2 as well as 2024's Call of Duty game have leaked online.

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