The Rock on what makes Black Adam different from Superman in the DCEU

Black Adam is potentially just as strong as the Man of Steel. However, there is a fundamental difference between these two that could make Black Adam more lethal.

"Superheroes don't kill."

What Makes Black Adam Different From Superman
Black Adam might have the body, strength, and power of Superman. However, he doesn't have the same moral compass. This should strike fear in the hearts of any villain that crosses him.

This is a code that comic books and movies have taught audiences for years. Somehow, most of us never questioned it. This is probably why shows like The Boys have become so popular. Shows like Amazon's hit TV series give audiences a glimpse of the kind of things that superpowered beings can do when they don't necessarily fit the stereotypical mold.

One of the best examples of superheroes who adhere to the no kill code is Batman and Superman.

The latter's stance against killing is particularly amazing. He's powerful enough to kill opponents just by looking at them. Yet, he chooses the least lethal option almost every time.

Black Adam is in the same boat. He's got roughly the same superpowers as Superman. But, according to Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, this difference in approach when it comes to killing is what separates Black Adam from Superman.

Will we see a Black Adam vs Superman movie in the DCEU?

What Makes Black Adam Different From Superman
Superman could have literally ripped Batman to shreds in seconds. He just didn't do it because he was a good man at his very core.

Black Adam's debut in the DCEU has been a long time coming. The superhero film project has been in development for years and it appears that everything is going well now that its production has wrapped up.

Having said that, there remains a considerable amount of time from now until the superhero movie's premiere date in July 2022.

If it's any consolation, this gives Johnson at least a year to drum up hype and talk about his upcoming role as the superpowered anti-hero, which he hasn't been shy of doing.

As Johnson and his co-star, Emily Blunt, do the usual rounds for their upcoming Disney film, Jungle Cruise, interviewers have taken this opportunity to ask Johnson more about his upcoming DCEU movie. Although he remains mum about any in-depth details, he did recently talk about how different Black Adam is from Superman.

In particular, during the interview with The Hollywood Reporter, which gave us this nugget of entertainment, the actor talked about how Black Adam and Superman had similar skillsets. However, he explained that the two also have differences. For example, Black Adam can wield magic, which Superman is notoriously weak against. Not to mention, where Superman prefers to use lethal force only when necessary, Black Adam prefers to get the job done as quickly as possible.

It's safe to say that all this talk about Black Adam being as powerful as Superman has audiences clamoring for a showdown between these powerhouses in a future DCEU film.

What Makes Black Adam Different From Superman
A good example of a Superman that doesn't hesitate is the one from the Injustice games.

Whether the showdown will happen remains up in the air at this point, but given Johnson's influence and sway within the industry, who knows? If there is one actor that can speak things into existence, it's Johnson. On top of this, Henry Cavill seems like a pretty swell guy who wouldn't mind seeing this come true.

Of course, with Cavill's future in the DCEU uncertain, Johnson's Black Adam might end up replacing Superman as the central figure of the DCEU going forward.

For now, all we can do is speculate. Or, we can play Injustice, one of the best superhero games around with an animated movie in the works. It gives us a chance to at least play through a virtual battle between Superman and Black Adam.

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